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    Which God is most powerful Vishnu, Siva Or Brahma?

    Which God Is Most Powerful Vishnu, Siva Or Brahma?
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    At the one time you saying them GOD (to all of the three you mentioned in your question)and on the other you need to know who is powerful among them. You are wrong in this. You see, GOD is one, and it has its different forms and to your answer has the equal power among all of them. So it is the one and HE IS HOLY AND POWERFUL.Thanks.

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    You see according to Hindu belief Brahma,Vishnu and Parameswara(Siva)are three divine entities who have three different roles. Brahma is for creation, Vishnu for maintaining and Siva for destruction. It is generally described as 'Srishti', 'Sthidhi'and 'Samhara'. Hence there is no meaning in comparing them. All the three put together make it complete.
    First creation, then looking after the creature and finally its death are the true situation.

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    all are same .. brahma vishunu and mahasware ....

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    In Shivamahapuraan, it is described by Lord Shiva that one who will make difference between me (Lord Shiva), Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, he will never get joys in his life. Lord Shiva says that All Gods are one. All the divine entities are actually one but they have adopted different faces only for different purpose, like Lord Brahma creates world, Lord Vishnu nurse them and take their care and at the end of their life cycle, Lord Shiva calls them to him. Another example that I want to mention here is that Goddess Laxmi provides us wealth, Goddess Saraswati provides us Knowledge, Goddess Kali saves us from evils, but actually all the powers are ONE. So I request you with great humble to please stop deciding the most powerful God and worship any form of God with full faith and devotion.

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    Dear, word GOD is not a single word only it have it's own meaning which includes all aspects of a life.
    A life can be devided in following three as 1-BIRTH

    As we devided life same as word GOD belongs to each part of life in same sequence each part belongs to diffrent one, as following
    G- GENERETER Mean someone who generate as BIRTH it belongs to "LORD BRAHMA "
    2_O - OPERETER means one who operate as second part of life relates with activity " LORD VISHNU" responsible for all activities.

    3_D- DESTROY For replace good and new things with new there always need of some termination. Same as people get death after a life due to maintain balance of lifes on earth. "LORD SHIVA " perform this activity.
    As now we know that each one have there one work to perform and importance of each work is highly same so we can't say who one is more important or better than other, or who one is most powerful.
    When we can't imagine there power than how can we say who is more powerful than other.


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    in hindu religion all though there are a number of gods
    but according to puranas they are many. but if u think from vedic
    category the most power ful is bramha, the second one is bishnu and the third one i maheswara.

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    this trinity is not supreme in itself. lord Brahma is originated from lord Vishnu's navel, and lord Shiva originated from lord Brahma's forehead at the time of creation. but lord Vishnu and lord Shiva eternally exists but lord Brahma does not.
    if you will read Brahma samhita you'll find that these three are not most powerful. lord Krishna is above them and most powerful.
    most of the people does not know that lord Krishna is supreme.and lord Vishnu has originated from him not that lord Krishna has originated from Vishnu.

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    God is ONE.
    The question "How is most powerful" rises in one's mind due to three different names also different type of work they are supposed to perform . Vishnu,Siva,Brahma or any other name are only different mood of "GOD" who is one and only one.So no question of most powerful among them where person is one.

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    I do say that God is the supreme power in which one believe, irrespective of the religion. Fear of God and belief are necessary in every human being to live a disciplined guilt-free life. God exists in ourselves, which is nothing but our conscious.

    When we talk about Hinduism, according to most of the mythological tales, Brahma is known for creation. Shiva is known for his generosity in showering blessings and granting boons to anybody and everybody, who worship HIM by way of doing penance, et al. Whenever HE landed in trouble, HE used to seek the help of Vishnu for saving HIS skin from the demons, particularly.

    Vishnu is known for protecting Shiva from demons and evils. Vishnu never take any decision in haste or get flattered instantly. HE is known for taking lives of demons, kings,to save the people under their kingdom and sending them to Heaven or Hell according to their Karma.

    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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