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    What is the concept of Co-education in Islam?

    What Is The Concept Of CoEducation In Islam?
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    Islam do not encourage co-education in many cases but it is allowed in certain circumstances .
    The reason for prohibiting co-education is - Its a sin for boys and girls to see their opposition gender with lust .It even spoils the spirit of the individual .
    Co-education is allowed when there is no other choice and in that condition girls should strictly wear burka and avoid unnecessary chatting.

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    Co-education is discouraged in Islam due to several reasons.

    1)Islam prohibits intermingling of opposite sex.

    2)There are certain issues and topics specific to particular

    gender which cannot be discussed freely in presence of other


    3)To avoid molestation and abuse.

    4)In Islamic society,different roles are prescribed for men and


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    Yes, good responses by brother Mohammed Anas and brother Wasi Khan. Islam does not allow Co-education and unnecessary intermingling of opposite sexes. Islam does not stop men and women to get education but it emphasizes more on getting education. It is necessary for every men and women to get education and knowledge.

    Muslim parents should avoid from this system and they should send their children to separate schools. Muslims should discourage Co-education.

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    Islam highly emphasizes on education but it discourages co-education. Its recommended highly to have separate education for boys and girls and all reasons explained above by other brothers are true and according to Islam.

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    up to the average age of geting adult is allowed to be co-ed but after that when both the sex become adult as per the normal accepted rule it must be non co-ed.

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