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    What does Square Feet mean?

    What Does Square Feet Mean?
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    Square feet is a mathematical unit.

    What does square feet mean?

    Square feet is used to denote the plural form of Square foot.

    What is square foot?

    Square foot is a non-SI unit of measurement. It represents the area covered by a square whose side or edge measures 1 foot. The area is calculated by multiplying the length and width of the object or place in question.

    Abbreviated forms of square feet and square foot

    Square foot and square feet may be written as sq. foot and sq. feet, respectively.

    Square feet V/s Square-foot

    Square-Foot may also denote plural dimensions. To have a better understanding, consider the following 2 examples:
    1. Our office has recently got a 1,000-square-foot extension.
    2. Our office has added another 1,000 square feet.

    Please observe the use of the two hyphens in sentence (1.). When this unit of measurement acts as a modifier of the noun (with the noun succeeding it), the singular square-foot is used along with hyphens even if the magnitude that it measures, is plural that is more than 1 (here 1,000).

    In the second sentence (2.), when the measurement doesn't modify any noun (following it), the plural form square feet is used. Please take care that in the second sentence, no hyphens should be added


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    square feet is nothing but the area covered by a square of dimension 1 feet.
    1 feet * 1 feet = 1 sq.feet

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    Square is always one time multiplaction of same unit. So One square feed it feet * feet.

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    Square feet is a mathematical unit.It is the area covered by a square of dimension one feet.

    similarly cubic feet calculation as follows,
    ie;one cubic feet=length*width*width/2304

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    Square feet is a mathematical unit, which comes from the geometrical shapes of Square.

    The dimensions of area of a square with unit feets or centimeters or meter. Which show up Square Feet or Square Meter or Square Centimeters.

    exampl :Area of Square = S*S
    (if S=2 ft)
    equals to = 2ft*2ft
    = 4 square feet or 4 sq ft

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    Feet or foot is the measuring unit of length. It's symbol is "'".
    If you want to find out the area, then you use the mathematical formula to find out the area of the shape. And then in formula two units of foot multiplied which make Square Feet or Square foot.

    For Example : A plot in a shape of rectangle and whose length is : 100 feet and breadth is 150 feet. When you find out the area of this plot : then you use Length (Multiply) Breadth.
    100 feet X 150 feet = 15000 Square feet.

    Square feet comes out here because we multiplied length and breadth of the plot. Not only numerical terms multiplied but we multiplied the measuring units too.

    Converter : You can also convert the unit into any area measuring unit

    Bhawna Shah

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    Square foot is unit of area.It is imperial unit.It is used in FPS system of measurement.
    1 square foot=1 foot(length)*1 foot(breadth)=144 square inches=0.09290304 square metres=1/9 square yards

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