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    Which was the first web browser?

    What is first web browser ?
    who created it?
    Using which platform or languages it is created?
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    First web browser which was named "WWW".After it renamed as Nexus and release it for the NeXTstep platform in 1991. World wide Web didn't support graphics embedded in pages.It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.It was written in HTML.

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    I think that "MOSAIC" was the first browser.
    It was developed at National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

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    Well yes Jayanthi is right. Mosaic was not the first web browser, not even the first web browser for windows.The first web browser for windows was in fact a web browser named Cello invented by Thomas R. Bruce and released in June, 1993. Mosaic was in fact the first ever user friendly web browser and the first one to display images side by side or inline with text rather than in separate window. As far as the common internet user is concerned, Mosaic was the first web browser indeed but factually the first web browser ever was WWW.
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    WorldWideWeb in short WWW is the first web browser. For avoiding confusion with usual World Wide Web the WorldWideWeb was renamed as Nexus. The inventor of WorldWideWeb is Berners-Lee in 1990.

    The browser is able to open any web page and can download any file supported by the NeXT system. One of the major disadvantage of the browser was image is displayed in separate window. The browser contains next and back navigation panel for going to back links or forward links. WorldWideWeb does not have bookmark feature like today's browser, but it provides a way to store links similar to bookmark. If an user needs the link again he can make it has a link it to the start page.

    Mosaic is the web browser which get very high popularization. Invention of Mosaic in 1993 causes the decrease in popularity of WorldWideWeb. Mosaic is also considered as a first graphical web browser because it can display images in the same window which was its major advantage. But in 1994 Andreessen's Netscape Navigator came and causes the end of Mosaic.

    Today's most popular web browser Mozilla came only in 1994 and it is considered as a first commercial web browser.


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