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    What are the courses for student

    i m student of B.E.(3rd year)(electronics and comm engg)...i want to know about the courses which will be helpful for placement...
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    You can look for Masters in Embedded system & VLSI from India.Some of the popular universities in India with details of various courses are

    Embedded systems
    Vinfinet Technologies pvt.Ltd - Karnataka - India

    The course comprises of nine modules, namely:

    * Advanced C and Data Structures
    * Computer Architecture
    * Linux Programming...

    Category - Computers and Information Technology

    M. Tech in VLSI & Embedded Systems
    International Institute of Information Technology(IIIT), Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh - India

    M.Tech. in VLSI and Embedded Systems allows students to specialise in VLSI design. VLSI circuits for communication and signal processing are given...

    Category - Computers and Information Technology

    DEVI AHILYA VISHWAVIDYALAYA, Madhya Pradesh - Madhya Pradesh - India

    Category - Computers and Information Technology

    Real Time Operating systems
    Wireless Embeded Solutions and Technologies Pvt Ltd - Tamil Nadu - India

    The course includes intro to embeded os, pSOS overview, IDE for pSOS, network programming, file system manager.

    Category - Science and Engineering

    Depending on your overall academics,you can look for jobs after your course.

    With Regards

    Ajay Kumar

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    there are nearly 20 branches of engineering offered by many universities.. some of them are mechanical,computer science .information technology, electronics and communication engineering,electrical and electronics engineering. bio engineering, bio technology,civil..out of these mechanical and civil are the oldest branches of study

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    Hai Vikash,
    I am also a B.Tech Student studying in Kerala. There are different courses offered for the students.The courses I know about are given are :
    These are some of the important B.Tech courses in the market now.
    All the above courses are of 4 years duration.Since you are hoping for a placement by studying B.Tech, in my opinion better not to take B.Tech now.What I suggest is to do some 2 year or 3 year courses outside India and by that time the recession will be solved.

    B.Tech C.S.E.

    Hanly Y Nadackal

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    Better concentrate on your semester exams well
    and should read general aptitude and puzzle solving
    books which will help you to face the campus selection team.
    Once you are out of college then you can concentrate
    on your interests like embedded courses or VLSI design...
    but should be good in programming languages like C for
    any of these courses.

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    I'm also a B.Tech student of Hyderabad and all the courses which are offered are listed below:
    1. Aeronautical engineering
    2. Automobile engineering
    3. bio-medical engineering
    4. bio-technology
    5. chemical engineering
    6. civil engineering
    7. computer science and engineering
    8. computer science and systems engineering
    9. electrical and electronics engineering
    10. electronics and communication engineering
    11. electronics and computer engineering
    12. electronics and control engineering
    13. electronics and instrumentation engineering
    14. electronics and tele-matics engineering
    15. information technology
    16. instrumentation and control engineering
    17. mechanical engineering(Mechatronics)
    18. mechanical engineering(Production)
    19. mechanical engineering
    20. metallurgical engineering and
    21. metallurgy and material engineering.

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    the question was "i m student of B.E.(3rd year)(electronics and comm engg)...i want to know about the courses which will be helpful for placement... "
    if i have understood the question -the person is asking for the courses which will help in placement..the question is a li'l confusing!!! many have posted about the courses a available for Engineering i would like to tell about the course which helps in placement!!!
    first of all- there is no specific course at all which i heard helps in placement.
    the process of placement in most of the companies are
    1. Aptitute test
    2. group discussion
    3. technical interview
    4. Hr interview
    now no 1. aptitute test -you have to learn up self...refer RS agarwal Quant. Aptitute book ..master up ,increase up the speed of solving the questions
    no 2.Group discussion- you need to have fluent english for that...and you yourself going to help in that..itz a long term process...spend 3-4 month on english...if u dont have the communication skill
    no3.technical interview-you must have read your engineering course and have subject knowledge of that- no way out - read every semester properly...and it is seen that -- most of the jobs =- which are software oriented...need knowledge of some kind of software programming c,c++, should refer good books to learn up these
    lastly,the HR interview...nothign can be to learn this..just you have to represent what actually your personality is....

    some training institutes takes care of them..all these process and many students have told that they got a lot of benefit by joinign those institues...
    some good websites are also providing rich content to prepare for the placements...

    but all matters is your effort..and how you are taking the things!!
    for me..i never attended any trainign institute for learning to face interview..and in my final year..i attempted 5 campus placemnt drive and got selected in 3 out of them
    i would like to hear a lot of queries like these
    i can be reached at


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    This thread has been completely misguided from the first post itself.
    The courses which would be useful for your placemnt would be :
    1) Operations Research
    2) Digital Networking

    In addition if you do some projects under professors or go to some industrial visits you would really have an upper hand at your placements

    B.Tech, IIT Madras
    Webmaster, Andhra Spider

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