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    What is the best diet to be taken for piles patients?

    What food and fruits can a piles patient take?
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    Hi Madhoomita,
    Avoid Green chillies. Eat more fruits and Vegetables. Timely diet is more important. Keep a strict time when to take break fast, lunch and dinner and stick to it daily. Drink at least one tender coconut a day. Dont sit for a long time. Spend atleast 5 to 10 mins sitting in a tub filled with luke warm water before taking bath.


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    Piles is caused due to excessive engorgement of veins in the anal region.These veins get torn while passing hard stools and that causes bleeding. The prime goal of diet is to get strain-free and smooth motions so that futher damage is not caused.
    Ideal foods: rich in fibre- leafy vegetables, salads, unpeeled fruits, bananas, pineapples , soyabean etc.
    Plenty of water.
    Spicy foods are best avoided.
    Do not keep postponing the urge to defecate.

    Dr Sybal D'Britto

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    Generally people with piles are recommended to take more fiber rich food. Fibers are found in abundance in oats, guava, groundnut, apples, green leafy vegetables, legumes etc.
    They need to drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day along with fiber rich diet to avoid constipation.
    Also they should avoid sharp foods like chips, improperly chewed nuts etc. which will stay undigested in their stools and cause micro tears in their anal passage leading to fissures and bleeding.

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