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    Is it possible for a Hindu person to marry a Christian without conversion?

    Possible Marriage Hindu Guy In Christian Church With Out Converting?
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    It is possible.Hindu can marry Hindu,Jain,Sikhs,Buddhist accordind to Hindu Marriage Act,1955.To marry a chiristian either you should become a christian or your partner should become hindu.

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    Religion is not a barrier for a good cause. One of my Christian friend married a Hindu girl and living a good,cheerful,calm life. They have a male child. In their house, pictures of all Hindu God as well Jesus,Mary are kept in Pooja Room. With utmost understanding they are living. So, everything is in understanding between the couples. Problems are created by the sorrounding persons.

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    Hai friend
    If you have a better understanding about your spouse
    then you can marry a person of any caste. Caste does not
    matter for a good living.

    If you are an educated person then do not bother about the caste.
    Marry the person whom you like and lead a happy life.

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    Hello friend,

    There is no such law which bars you from marrying a person from another religion.

    If you are a Hindu you can go ahead and marry a christian without any conversion. However many people would advise that if you are marrying a christian either you should convert to Christianity or your wife should convert to Hinduism.

    The religious Gurus will always object to the marriage without conversion. But the law in India never forces anybody to take this step.

    If you feel that there is a pressure from society to get yourself converted to another religion and you are reluctant to get converted then you can always opt for a court marriage.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rajesh Rana

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    In today's time it is definitely possible for a hindu to marry a christian in church without conversion. However, the church seeks assurance that the children born, must be converted to Christianity.

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    Yes If you want to marry in church then no problem. No need to get converted to christian.

    If a boy marries a christian girl then she will become her wife but can't enter few temples or few Hindu festivals, though she had married a Hindu boy.

    And if a Hindu girl marries a christian boy then no problem as they don't have much restricts as Hindu's have.

    But in few churches they want the boy or the girl must convert to christian first then get married.

    I just suggested you my views but you must visit nearest temple and church to get perfect rules to get married.

    All the best.

    Editor in Review, Forum & Community

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    Yes a Hindu can marry with a christen person without conversion if both of them want to marry with each other. Religion is not a barrier for a good cause. In India no any law prevent them to do that. People from different religions can do marry with each other and both of them are free to follow their own religion.
    So a hindu and christen couple can marry with each other without doing conversion.

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    The law does not prohibit two individuals with diverse religious beliefs from getting married.
    Therefore, a Hindu boy and a Christian girl can certainly tie the knot; however there are some other aspects more important than this, which you need to focus on.
    There may be some successful inter-faith marriages, but before you take a step towards it, do consider that it may have disastrous repercussions too.

    Go ahead only if you are certain that the bond of love between the two of you is stronger than religious bias and social obligations and is not mere infatuation.
    Another thing that I have noticed is that the children of such couples remain deprived of spiritual education and guidance, which is as important for the soul as food is for body.

    All the best.

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    christian and Hindu are all the religious symbole. But all the Christians do not accept Jesus Christ as Saviout. If a person (He/She may be Hindu/Christian/any other Religion) accept Jesus Christ as his/her Saviour in life, then only they can marry. Because the Bible do not accept the un faithful marriage.
    Be honest

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    It is possible.God did not create religion.Humans did.What is the need of conversion? It is the society which makes people to convert.Can't a hindu marry muslim and they both follow their respective religion? It is possible. Just stop listening to people and live your life in your own way. Why to live for others? Think people.

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    There is no Law and Order for this. Everybody can tell from what they seen in their daily life of their neighbours. In the same way I am also expressing some of my views from what I saw in my life.

    If the girl is a Christian, then their mother will ask the guy to convert to get her daughter as a life-partner. But if the boy is Christian, then the decision is all in his hand whether the girl needs to convert or not. But all the Christian parents are same. They want their in-laws to be a Christian at the time of marriage. After the marriage it depends on the couple, whether to follow the Christianity or not.

    According to me the religion should not be a barrier in true love. But in all the Application Forms the column is still there asking you the religion & cast. This may affect the children in future if the parents are not from same religion. Because the children may get confused either to fill the mother religion or the father religion.

    So friend, once we chosen the life-partner and very strong in that decision, we should not hesitate to get converted to any religion, because the religions are only namesake, but God is same everywhere. Do not forget get registered in the government record that you have converted to that religion; it will be useful for your children.

    "In this world Changes only remains"

    "After all Life is ours; live in a happy way"


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    Hey there,
    Dude you are in the 20th century why do you worry for such religious stuff. You do have your own civil rights ,there is no such law as one person in one religion suppose to marry the person of same religion.Listen to your inner voice if you feel your life would lighten up by a girl,go for it .Unless you make your own decisiond,own laws you wont sustain to prevailage in the upcoming years.Dont be worried ar feared of anything .As constitution cant stop you,you must be the one who have to decide to go further or backforth.

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    Dear, God did not created humans with tags of cast and religion, you can get married with any one belongs to any cast and religion only thing is if you think the opposite person is the right life partner for you because when we die I am sure that we will go to the one who created us and that one does not have any caste or religion that he will judge us on such basis, he just welcomes all with his arms wide open and as far as I know yes you can get married to a christian girl without conversion I have seen such marriages if any religious temple does not allow as far as church it does such marriages as per my knowledge but if no then you can get court Marrie provided that couple should be happy in their married life. We often worry about the cast, religion, status etc but we don't think what are creator will feel when most of us are only concern about such things, he is there always with us guiding us, watching us make him feel proud of his creation

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