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    Which is better - Private Job or Government Job?

    When we get two jobs at the same time, one of Pvt. job with high salary and another of govt. job with high job security. Which one is better for our life?
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    Dear Vijaya,

    I would like explain it very clearly here about your question.

    well I am working as a software engineer in indian based MNC, offcourse getting good,handsome salary but if I re-think like what has happened in the last 2 years in IT industries, I never felt any job securities even a single day.

    to maintain life style constant you should choose for Govt Job, which is having very high job securities.

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    Government job is best
    Job secuirty
    Salary Will Credit Month End That is 30,31st.
    Moderate Salary
    In Society a Good Name.

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    In my view Government job is very secure job.
    Private job is good for more salary but it doesnt have any security of your job.

    Keep Your City GREEN.

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    Dear Vijaya,
    Private and Government both sectors are very good.
    But what is yours need? I mean to say that if you like competitive and updating environment,and you are very ambitious and passionate about your career then you must choose private sector.In private sector growth rate is very high.Here system is highly fast and sensitive in private sector because it gives fast input and fast output.
    Just opposite Government sector is little sluggish though it gives you job security but here is scope of updating skills and career growth is small.But some sectors like(ongc,bel,bhel,sail,drdo,isro,iocl,barc etc) are very good every one want to go in these companies.
    So decision is yours, What is your requirement-Earning not only money but also updating yours knowledge or job security and compromise with knowledge??

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    Government jobs are always the best first priority but their Ain't remained much due to rapid privatization taking place in India

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    That depends on personal preferences which sector to choose. For someone private sector is good but for another person Govt. sector is good. If you are more into money thing, I would suggest you to go to private job. However if you like job security and less money, then govt job is best for you.
    Before taking any decision you should prepare a list containing pros and cons of each sector and depending on your preferences take a decision.

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    Dear Vijaya,
    It depends on your personality and aspirations.
    If you are a dynamic person and open to risks you would do better in private jobs than government jobs. It doesn't mean that any government jobs doesn't involve dynamism and risks, but just that the private sector is generally more competitive and more profirt oriented. So Growth Opportunities are more,Risks are more,as a result returns are also more.
    If job security is your primary concern then a government sector job will be better for you.

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    At present both are at par. Few years back there used to be hype for the government jobs because of the job security, relaxed work culture and retirement benefits. But at present due to introduction of online systems and RTI life of the government people also becomes very tough. Now there is a transparency in the work. If you are facing any problem you can report of file RTI you will get the answer. Further all the pension programs have been closed so not much retirement benefits.

    In comparison salary wise both are at par now. Government sectors are getting good salaries now a days and even better than some of the private sectors.The mail positive point in government job is security.

    In private sectors recessions may come and can affect the growth and the salary features but in government sectors there is no such effect on personal emoluments.

    Overall my perspective is to go for government jobs.

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    Well to start off I would like to say that such kind of a debate has been going on for a long time and in my opinion will never loose steam.
    The important factor that one must look for when deciding between the two is the job sector.The type of job should be your criteria for choosing either of the two.
    for the IT sector you won't find many gov. jobs as the government too gives its work to private companies.However if you look at the civil sector there are many gov. contract jobs available.

    Therefore first fix your sector and see where there is more growth and then the decision will come automatically.

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    Both Private and Government jobs have some advantages and disadvantages.

    -High job security
    -But satisfaction won't be there
    -Also perfection is not necessary

    -You may get 100 percent satisfaction.
    -If company goes in loss, you might be thrown out
    -Will pay higher

    From the above What I am coming to tell is there are both advantages and disadvantages in both government and private jobs. According to your desire you have to take the right decision.


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    In my opinion Govt. jobs are much better than private jobs specially for girls, because govt. jobs provide stability to their career and they don't need to run here and there for better job options, beside this govt. jobs also provide various facilities. Women have family responsibilities also so its better to opt for govt. jobs than private.

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    Government job is highly secured. You need not worry and you need not fold your hands and bend your head. You can finish your work in time and come back.Flexibility for long leave and holidays will be more. But you will not get increments based on your performance and whatever be your iq level no chance for you to use and exposure is less.

    In private job, job security is very very less. You have to obey your superiors and always alert. If it is an encouraging atmosphere your pay will be good, increment will be good and you will get good reputation. But you can't stick to timings. As it is performance based, competion will be more.

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    Both are better based on the Situations.

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    If you want my opinion I must say that govt. jobs are far better than the private jobs. Here you will get the job security, where private sector you do not get that. Moreover in private jobs you have to work hard for long hours, where as in govt. jobs there is fixed timing, weekend and other holidays, increment in salary and bonuses etc. So, I think you must go for govt. job.

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    This question is becoming more and more relevant because Govt jobs are reducing day by day while private jobs are on a increasing trend.
    The main reason of Govt jobs coming down is basically because of hiring and contract services for doing so many things and this has now very common and almost becoming the culture of Govt working.
    Some people still may be able to get Govt job and as members have already mentioned they will have a cozy and comfortable life.
    At the same time people getting private jobs will have to work hard for survival in the business world.
    Still there is one silver lining that is - there is tremendous scope of rise in private sector for able and laborious persons and there are plenty of examples where people have risen to great heights.
    There are even examples of school drop outs who are leading big enterprises.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge is power.

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