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    What are Doldrums?

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    What are doldrums?

    Doldrums are the the regions surrounding the earth, north of the equator. They are areas where there is absolutely no air movement and an intense low pressure exists. It is believed that the ships sailing through the regions gets stuck for weeks if they do not have sufficient sail power to power them forward.
    The area affects the Indian ocean, Atlantic ocean and the parts of the Pacific ocean.

    Reason for the doldrums

    Thye sun rays fall almost vertically on the equatorial regions. As such, maximum heat is concentrated around a small area. This causes the air to get heated. When the temperature of the air rises, its density decreases and the air becomes lighter. Hence, it rises towards the north latitudes. Hence, a low pressure area is developed with no wind movement. Some air may flow in the region due to the trade winds that carry the air back while travelling northwards. However, this can sometimes cause severe weather conditions like cyclones etc.

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    Doldrums are also known as 'Equatorial Calms'. The north of Equator are the areas where Doldrums occur and it is caused when winds from northen and southern hemisphere come together.

    Due to intense heating the air gets warm and rises in the equatorial region causing equatorial low pressure belt which extends from the equator to about 10'N and S. This belt is characterized by extremely low pressure with calm conditions. Surface winds are generally absent and thus vertical currents are found. This equatorial low pressure belt is called Doldrum due to extremely calm movements.

    The areas that doldrum effect are Atlantic oceans, Indian oceans and Pacific oceans.

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    Hi Rajnesh,

    The word Doldrums mean inactive and stagnant.

    DOLDRUMS is the zone that encircling/surrounding the Earth just north of the equator.In this region,the winds from the northern and southern hemispheres come together.It is also known as Equatorial calms.
    it is located between 5° north and 5° south of the equator, are also known as Intertropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ .

    In this region,Sailors noticed the stillness in the blowing air near the equator and because of this ,they gave the region the depressing name "doldrums." There is absolutely no air movement and an intense low pressure exists because of the heat at the equator region.
    Doldrum effected areas are Indian oceans,Atlantic oceans and pacific oceans
    The Intertropical Convergence Zone is also known as the Equatorial Convergence Zone or Intertropical Front.

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    Doldrums are used to denote inactive or stagnant things. It also refers to an equitorial zone encircling the earth.

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