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    Is this possible to transfer name on gas connection?

    I have to have a gas connection which is on my friends name. I wish to convert that on my name.
    Is this possible. Connection is of Bharat Gas.

    Amit Siwach
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    I think it is possible but before that your friend has to surrender the connection and write an application to assign it to your name.I am not sure how it works but I have seen cases where it is possible to change the ownership of gas connection within family members. for ex.your father can transfer the ownership in your name.

    Hope the same will work for you.

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    Yes possible.If your friend/relation give a acknowledgement to transfer the ownership of her gas connection to you.

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    Rather then transferring the gas connection in your, use the connection with your name only. There is no problem at all using like this. If u wanna change it you have to pay some extra money for that.

    So my advice is better to use lie that only rather then transferring it.

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    Hats off to you sir,
    A very common but very much live in almost vast no of individuals suffer with this kind of experience. Did I tell you that I too am asking the same wuestion to the competent authorities and I too wish to transfer ownership, hence once I get the perfect answer I shall answer to you immediately about the full process of changing of ownership of a residential individual Gas connection.

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    Yes it is possible.If your relation give a acknowledgement to transfer the ownership of her gas connection to you. May be if u given affidivate on stamp paper then i think so it is possible.

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    yes just you have to give your old gas card then within 15 to 20 days they will change your name ....

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