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    Age qualification for 10th

    Just I would like to know, my son just written 5th class state syllbus exam. Now i want him to join him in either CBSE OR ICSE syllbus. His DOB is 26-07-1999. Now I would like to know whether he is eligible to join in 6th standard or not. By the time he appears his 10th class his age will be 14 Years 8-9 months. Whether the age permits him or not. What should I do Now. Whether join him again in 5th standard of take the 6th standard twice?

    Please explain me.
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    the permitted age for 10th is 15 yrs but you can take the permission from the respective board by showing that your child is capable and make him to write the 10th at 14 yrs odd.

    or the other thing is the school while submitting the age of your son can prepone his date of birth tfor 5 to 6 months in papers to the board so that your child can write the exams

    so don't worry and waste your child 1 year which is valuable in making him to study the 5th standard twice.
    make him to go for 6th standard after the 5th standard


    Raghuram M V

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    Generally age permitted for 10th exam is 15yrs but you can take permission from respective board to appear exam.

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    Hello sir

    As in today's competitive world no matters regarding age if your son is capable of compete with the other students then why you think to keep your son again in 5th class you can take permission from the principal of the school for your son but please dot think to keep your son in same class only as 1 year is very costly which your son had completed so please think about his future class studies not to remain at the same position.

    All the best for your son

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    Hai chakradhar Sir,

    The minimum Age requirement is 15 year old as of End 0f May month of that year.

    This is the only requirement For the 10th std eligblity.


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    Hi Sir,

    Age limit for 10 standards is 15 years, but long time back I saw in TV that less than 10 year aged guy appearing for 10th exam.

    If your son is too intelligent I think you can take a permission education minister to make your son to join 10th standard.

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