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    What is Multiuser and Multitasking system?

    What is Multiuser and Multitasking
    system ?
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    Multi User System
    Multi-user operating system is a computer operating system (OS) that allows multiple users to access a single system with one OS on it.It refers to more than one person can be able to log into the computer.Each person will have their own settings.

    MultiTasking System
    MultiTasking Operating System refers to the ability of a computer to perform more than one task or program at a time.
    Two Types of Multi Tasking System

    Multi Tasking Operating Systems Example
    => Unix
    => Linux
    => Windows

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    Multiuser/Multitasking operating system is a powerful operating system that supports more than one user at a time, performing more than one task at a time, UNIX is an example of a multiuser/ multitasking operating system.
    From the book Introduction to Computer by Peter Norton.

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