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    What is the difference between USA VISA Applications for B1, L1B and H1B?


    Does any body knows the difference between USA VISA Applications for B1,L1B,H1B?

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    American visas

    H1B visa

    - It is for foreign employee who is employed by USA employer.

    - Employer has to sponsor this visa. The employee must be proficient in his field.

    - Employee must have minimum qualification of bachelor's degree.

    - If employer removes employee from his position, he must leave the country or can search for other employer who can sponsor him.

    - Duration of stay can be 3 years and can stay six years if it is extended.

    B- visas

    There are two kinds of visas. One is B-1 visa and the other is B-2 visa. These visas are granted by US government.

    - B-1 visa is related to business people. This is given for 3 months period.

    - B-2 visas are provided for tourists who can stay up to six months. Medical tourism is also allowed in this visa.

    L-1 visas

    If a US company sets up a company abroad, the workers in that company can be allowed to USA. Otherwise, if a foreign company sets up its branch in USA, then it is also allowed.

    L-1 visas are two types. They are L-1A and L-1B.

    L-1A visa: It is meant for managers of the sister company or Child Company of above stated companies. It is valid for seven years. After expiry of the term, one has to leave the country.

    L-1B visa: It is meant for specialised workers in those companies above stated. It is valid for the period of 5 years and has to leave the country after the period is over.

    Importance of L-1 visa: This visa is a way to apply for green card which can let you have permanent residence in USA.

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