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    Similarity and differences of bar magnet and solenoid

    What are the similarity and differences of a bar magnet and current carrying solenoid?
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    a bar magnet is a permanent magnet where as solenoid is a acts as a magnet only when electricity is passed through it.

    there is no similarities except that ,they both act as magnets.

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    Solenoid is comprised of a conducting rod with turns of a wire all over its length and when electricity is passed through that wire the core or that rod gets magnetised making this setup a strong magnet and as its due to electricity, its rightly called an electromagnet. It behaves like a magnet only till electricity is kept flowing otherwise it loses its magnetism hence it is also called a temporary magnet also. Bar magnet is a natural magnet and it behaves as such without any external influence. Its magnetic field or the area in which its magnetism can be observed is quite small compared to a solenoid which is a stronger magnet.

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    Hi Sudhir,


    Bar Magnet is a natural magnet which may be rectangular or cylindrical in shape and produce magnetic properties naturally.


    Solenoid is comprised of an insulated copper wire wound on a cylindrical conducting rod such that its length is greater than its diameter .The Solenoid is from Greek word for channel.
    It is temporary strong magnet,when connected through external source like battery or when electricity passed through it.It is also known as ELECTROMAGNET.


    1.A solenoid is a temporary magnet as it can readily be demagnetized by stopping the current through the solenoid whereas a bar magnet which is a permanent magnet cannot be demagnetized.
    2.A solenoid produce a strong magnetic field whose strength can be changed by changing the current through it whereas the magnetic field of a permanent magnet is comparatively weak and its strength cannot be changed.
    3. The polarity of a solenoid can be reversed by changing the direction of current through it whereas the polarity of permanent magnet is fixed and cannot be easily reversed.


    1.Both have a attractive and directive properties.
    2.The magnetic field lines are exactly identical to those due to a cylindrical bar magnet with one end of the solenoid acting as a south-pole and its other end as a north -pole.thus, a current-carrying solenoid behave like a bar magnet with fixed polarity at its ends.

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    hi friend
    bar magnet is naturally occurring magnet which have lines of force around the magnet in circular manner,lines of force are nothing but the region where the magnet has its effect and it has direction around the magnet in a circular manner
    in case of solenoid it is circular coil of conducting material when current passes across it magnetic field is generated at the center of coil and direction is perpendicular to the direction plane of coil

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    Bar magnet is a permanent type of magnet while a solenoid acts as a magnet when electricity flows through it.Solenoid has a storng magentic field and is commonly used in magnetic cranes.
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    A bar magnet is a permanent magnet where as a solenoid is a temporary one.

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    Several turns or wire wrapped in a shape of cylinder is called as solenoid. Field produced by a current carrying solenoid, is very similar to that of a bar magnet. Its one end acts like a magnetic north pole, while other acts like south pole. Tus coil acts like an artificial bar magnet. The field lines inside the solenoid are in the form of parallel straight lines. Tis means that magnetic field is same at all points inside the solenoid. That is, the field is uniform inside the solenoid.
    B = m0 nI
    Tis is used to make electromagnets.

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    Permanent (Bar) magnet
    • Its magnetism is permanent.
    • It produces weak magnetic feld.
    • Its strength can't be changed.
    • Its polarity (N-S) cannot be changed.
    • Its magnetism is temporary.
    • It produces very strong magnetic feld.
    • Its strength can be changed by changing current or turns.
    • Its polarity can be changed by reversing thedirection of current.

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