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    How to avoid sleep while studying?

    While studying I feel sleepy some times and some times I cannot able to control myself so suggest me how to avoid sleep and tiredness.
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    HI friend,

    1)Early moring study is best
    2)You need enough sleep to keep your mind sharp and remember what you study
    3)Be Interested in your subject
    4)Read and study actively
    5)Something you cannot avoid like eating,work etc
    6)Something you should avoid like playing games,watching tv etc
    7)Take a break every 90 t0 120 minutes of studying.Set an alaram so that you know when your study time is up and stick to it.
    8)If your eyes are getting dried while studying ,it may lead to sleep.see your family docutor.
    9)Eat always light foods before studying dont eat oily food.
    10)Drink lots of fruit juices
    11)study on a chair with your back straight
    12Have some coffee or tea

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    Hello ranganathan,

    This is a common problem that all of us face during our school / college days. In my opinion there might be two main reasons of feeling sleepy at the time of our studies:

    1. we feel sleepy while studying if we do not understand the content of the book that we read
    2. the other reason might be that if we study after eating tummy-full of food and then go for studying. We will definitely feel drowsy.

    I am reproducing my answer to a similar question that I posted on Yahoo Answers:
    “My post on Yahoo Answers ”

    You feel drowsy because you start studying after taking your meals... Taking evening meals at 6:30pm is too early... You will have to change this timing...

    After returning from your school you should freshen up, take some light snacks and any beverages like tea, coffee, or neemboo-paani etc... Have chats with your family members for half an hour and then go for studying...

    You shift your evening meals timing to 9pm... and go to bed at 10pm... In between you may revise your studies or do writing work...

    Harish Jharia
    Editor, IndiaStudyChannel
    Visit: “Harish Jharia's Blog”
    14 July 2009


    Harish Jharia

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    Hi Ranganathan,

    This is a very good question as almost everyone have to face it in their life. Here are few tips that you can try.

    1) Keep snacks with you and eat them at regular intervals of time.

    2) Listen to songs with a low volume. The selection of songs is very important.Do not put on some slow drowsy songs. Play some good beat songs but with low volume.And after completing a topic you can even dance for the song, which will fasten up your blood and prevents you from sleeping.

    3) Record your voice: After reading a particular topic, record the summary of it in your voice and start listening to it.

    4) Play games: These can be normal games. you may set small target like: If I finish this topic I will play for 5 min.
    Gamed can also be educational. After you read a topic, just try out some double action dramatics . Assume you are Amitabh Bacchan and ask questions on the subject to your self, and give the answers yourself.

    Final Suggestion, its better to study in the morning hours ,but make sure you sleep early enough so that you get a minimum of 7hrs sleep a day.

    Hope this helps...

    IIT Madras
    ISC Gold Member

    Mentor for Engineering Entrance Exams

    B.Tech, IIT Madras
    Webmaster, Andhra Spider

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    This is a really a very big problem. Almost all of us face this problem at some point or the other. I used to sleep a lot while studying. I used to sleep even in my class for which I used to get a lot of scoldings.

    But after discussing with my parents and my teachers I got to know some very easy methods to control my sleep while studying. Now I do not get a bit of sleep even if a boring lecture continues for 3 consecutive hours.

    You can too resort to these measures.

    1) Have atleast 6 hours of sound sleep at night. This will keep you fresh all the time the next day.

    2) While you are studying personally at your desk in your home or in your hostel then keep a bottle of water with you. Drink a good amount of water so that after an hour you feel like urinating. Go to the toilet and after coming back to your table drink again a glass of water. Again after sometime you will go to the toilet. Keep this doing for your entire study hour. I bet you will never find yourself sleeping.

    3) It is very necessary that you take frequent study breaks. Take a break for 10 minutes after every hour. Wash your face with cold water in the break. Have some snacks if you have. Then go back to the study table.

    4) If you are feeling extremely sleepy during your study hour then it is recommended that you stop studying at that moment and sleep atleast for an hour. Set an alarm so that you get up after an hour. Now you can get back to your study.

    Hope this will take care of all your problems.


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    hi Brijesh,

    First of all you should take your proper sound sleep of minimum 6-7 hours. By this you will psychological feel fresh that you just took good sleep and now you have to study. Because if you will not take proper sleep before going to study you will definitely feel sleepy.

    1 before setting for study you must be fresh. for that just take a 5 minutes walk and then take proper bath or wash your face and legs with a refreshing body wash or face wash. then sit for study.

    2. Whenever you are going to study. You should not be over eat or eaten heavy foods. overeating and heavy food creates drowsiness. And you won't feel comfortable. so before going to study just take a light food and don't overeat. and eat little sweet foods. because sweet foods also creates draftiness.

    3. Don't study contiguously keep on taking small 5 minute breaks in between and then sit again for study.

    4. if still you feel sleepy then just take a warm cup of coffee.

    this will help you a lot. all the best for your study.

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    Dont Worry

    If u study in night

    1) drink water
    2) face wash
    3) just walk near from ur home
    4) drink milk in night
    5) if u feel more sleepy just u take rest after u get study well

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    While studying at night to avoid sleep..
    1.You can keep the most interesting topics to study at that time
    2.Also when you are reading always write on a book and learn
    3.While reading the study material you can also walk to avoid sleep
    4.There may be crucial 1/2 hr to 1hr time where you are getting sleep.Divert your attention to interested subjects to avoid sleep.

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    Hello friend,
    This is a very common problem with almost everyone of us.Feeling sleepy while studying may be due to some of the reasons like
    1. You are unable to understand the topic.
    2. You are unable to concentrate.
    3. You are not interested in that particular subject which you are studying.
    4. Heavy food eating habits.
    5. Lack of sleep.

    To avoid sleeping while studying you can try these measures.

    1. A good sleep: this is necessary for you to remain fresh and active the whole day. One needs a minimum of 6 hours sleep and a maximum of 8 hours sleep. But a good short sleep which makes you fresh is better than a long restless sleep.

    2. Love the subject. Try to understand the concept instead of mugging up.

    3. In case you are unable to understand then take a break and then continue again.

    4. Check out for how long you can stick glued to studying without losing concentration. Then take break accordingly.

    5. The best kind of thing to do while you are taking a break is to walk around for 5-10 min. You may walk in your garden, if not just move out of your study room for a while.

    6. Do not drink milk after dinner. It makes you drowsy.

    7. Try to avoid drinking coffee, instead opt for fruit juices.

    8. You can solve puzzles for a short break.

    Also I would like to mention that you need to study in a room where there is plenty of fresh air and light available.
    Do not study in a closed room.

    Hope this helps you.

    With regards

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    I would suggest you the following -

    1. Don't have milk if you are planning for late night study, neither tea or coffee.

    2. Keep listening to dim music.

    3. Don't have lighting more than required.

    4. Have something to eat beside you.

    5. Keep drinking water at intervals.

    6. You may go out for a nocturnal walk for sometime.

    7. You may play computer games for sometime.

    8. Don't keep your eyes too much close to the books.

    9. Feel free to rotate the subjects and study, this won't let you be bored.

    10. You should not watch movies in between, this harasses your eyes.

    11. Even don't just keep reading, try writing something if you feel sleepy.


    Thank you.
    Lead Editor: Ask Experts, ISC

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    When ever you feel sleepy while studying, first stop studying. Get up from there and try relaxing doing some thing else which is of your interest like listening music, eating some thing, watching TV or go out for few minutes,relax or play some game for feww minutesand come back. When you come back to study,before you sit to study have some black tea with little sugar, relax for some time and then ready to study.

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    Hi Ranga

    The time you felt sleeping please stop at that point and do some recreation execrsice which will entertain you and divert your miind from sleeping..
    The sleep while studying is caused either if your eyes are really strained much or your lack of interest in the subject.

    if the reason you feel is the former one then please do take rest
    if the reason is the later, learn to love the subject.. knoiw the essence of the subject so as to love it.

    Thanks and regards
    Amaresh Chitrakavi

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    Feeling sleepy may depend on many factors.

    Condition of your eyes, brain, food, posture etc.
    If your eyes are getting dried while studying, it may lead to sleep. See your doctor.. and dip cotton or white cloth and touch your eye surface.
    Eat always light foods before studying, don't eat oily food.
    Drink lot of fruit juices..
    Avoid fat.
    Avoid fast foods.
    Start your study with relaxed mood.
    If you don't have concentration , listen soft music then you start .
    Study on a chair with your back straight..
    Have some coffee with light sugar.
    Don't sit in a one place.
    Give straight walk , not circle[Don't round your area]
    Best & Best is do proper meditation & Yoga will take you for good concentration on your studies.


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    To avoid sleeping while study

    i tell you one malwa way
    1. Catch your 5-6 hair.
    2. Then Bend hair with thin rope
    3. and then one corner of the rope bend in the roof of your room

    Then Study very well because when you will sleep then you fall down for rest then your hair will stretch then definitely sleep will not come to you.

    Hope this is good for you.

    Otherwise make a alarm for 30 minutes
    after you have to take rest
    and wash face and walk for 1 min.

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    Hello Friend,

    This is the basic problem among all the students of getting sleepy while studying. This is not actually the books that make you soporific instead it is your daily schedule that makes it so. Let us thus be very clear what things we have to avert and what to incorporate in our life style so as to study with fresh and active mind and no more yawning in the midst of it.

    1.Breaks: Do not sit studying continuously for long hours without any breaks. That makes you feel less active and sleepy, moreover your retention power also starts diminishing with the passage of time. Try to have a 5 minutes break in after every half an hour. Try to have water in between or a little walk to refresh yourself. After break when you sit again, you feel again fresh.

    2.Studying Posture: Your studying posture also matters a lot in keeping you active while studying. Do not lay down on the bed with books in hand. You will definitely fell asleep after sometime. It is not a good study posture. Try to sit on a chair with books on the table. A table lamp also helps a lot to improve attention. Sit comfortably with back straight.

    3.Studying Style: Your studying style is also a major factor that makes you sleepy. Do not just try to mug up the subject and get over with it. Try to have a conceptual reading, that will develop your interest in the subject like a story and you will better understand and retain it.

    4.Proper Night Sleep: Eight hours night sleep is very essential to keep you active the entire day. By doing so, you do not feel sleepy while studying. A short nap in the afternoon also makes you active for the evening studies.

    5.No Immediate Study After Having Food: Do not start studying immediately after having lunch, dinner or breakfast. It tends to make you sleepy. It is so because all of our muscles are utilised in the digestion of food, and mind can hardly concentrate on studies hence feels sleepy. So take at least half an hour break after having food and then study.

    Hope the above mentioned techniques will surely help you out.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Feeling sleepy while study can be avoided by taking following measures.

    1. Take 7 to 8 hours good sleep. For this your health standard has to be good.

    2. Sleepy feeling is specifically due to not understanding the subject matter.

    3. Reading is really exertive process. It is the process participated by eyes and brain.

    4. Eyes are reading and brain is understanding. When understanding process is in trouble brain gives instruction to eyes to stop reading and go to sleep. That starts dosing slowly.

    5. To avoid sleeping / dosing while study we have to know whether the subject matter is being understood. Some students do same amount of study in 2 hours which others may take 4 to 5 hours. So productivity is important.

    6. Keep writing along with reading. One may not feel sleepy.

    7. Do some house keeping, exercise, yoga intermittently.

    8. A student listens to one song after every hour of study, while he was doing medical exam. That was giving him energy and recharge to study further.

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    hi frnd
    This is basic problem while study late night

    1. Eat an apple just before the time you are about to start your studies.

    2. Drink tea or coffee, whichever you like before the same.

    3. Do some kind of tough exercises that will make you alert and stop you from sleeping.

    4. Try to concentrate.

    5. If everything fails, study while walking. That is, take rounds of your bedroom and keep studying. (This is the sure shot way of driving away sleep)

    6. Study in groups. This is also one of the best ways to keep you awake.

    7. Drink as much fluid as you can. This is going to keep you awake.

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    Hi Ranganathan!

    To avoid sleeping while studying, you can follow these things:

    1)The first thing required is concentration. To get that, do yoga (or) karate (or) join any other martial arts.

    2)Do some tough exercises before studying (or) any other work that sweats you.

    3)Think that it is a game which challenges you to study a piece of a lesson within a few minutes(say 5 or 10 minutes).

    4)Study in the early morning which will keep your mind fresh and relaxed after an exercise like jogging.

    5)Wash your face with cold water two to three times while studying whenever you feel you are tired.

    6)If the content of your studies are not understood by you, you may feel tired.

    7)If your sleeping time is less (say 7 hours a day), you will have only head ache and won't feel sleepiness.

    8)Study along with your friends(combined study) to avoid it.

    9)Try to recite whatever you have studied to your friends or to your family members which will bring you interest.

    10)When you study one paragraph, don't keep the previous paragraph in mind and confuse with the one you are studying.

    11)Take a break for a few minutes after studying each question.

    12)Don't try to memorize the content but try to take only the meaning of the content.

    13)Above all, don't study to get marks (or) rewards but study for your own goodness and to know about them.

    Hope this will help you.



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    sleep atleast 7 hours a day.take food one hour before going to the bed.dont take large amounts of food it will disturb your some exercise in the morning.avoid reading in night.during studying take some relax time and listen some melodious music.this will help in getting more marks.dont waste weekends and use them in a proper manner.

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    Greetings friend,
    Thats a very good query. Hope my suggestions would help you in some ways.
    How to avoid sleeping when you study late at night?

    Exams are near and to get good grades, you decide to study for long hours. You decide that the best time to study is the night time, but you cannot stop yourself from sleeping while you are studying. (Especially in subjects like History, Science, OCM, Biology, etc.) These subjects are too boring to keep you awake. Then you feel the need to be awake to learn the subject. So, you are in a dilemma. Let me guide you how to avoid sleep by these dos and dont's.


    1. Eat an apple just before the time you are about to start your studies.

    2. Drink tea or coffee, whichever you like before the same.

    3. Do some kind of tough exercises that will make you alert and stop you from sleeping.

    4. Try to concentrate.

    5. If everything fails, study while walking. That is, take rounds of your bedroom and keep studying. (This is the sure shot way of driving away sleep)

    6. Study in groups. This is also one of the best ways to keep you awake.

    7. Drink as much fluid as you can. This is going to keep you awake.


    1. Don't drink milk before going to study. This is going to make you feel sleepy while studying.

    2. Try to avoid as much as you can studying subjects other than Maths and Accounts at night. These subjects keep you interested.(OF COURSE if YOU take any interest).

    3. Don't eat a lot before studying. This makes you feel sleepy.

    4. Don't eat rice before starting studying. This, too, is going to make you doze.
    5. Study after you sleep. Sleep deprivation makes a mind go on the blitz.
    6. Organize your time so that you get enough sleep overall. Some things you can't avoid, such as work, eating, family obligations, etc. Some things, such as entertainment and fun are optional. Sacrificing TV, parties and events will buy you time to sleep and study. Remember that you are studying to reach a goal and that it will come to an end. Then you will have time to have fun.
    7. Watch your diet. Eating much junk food, sugar, soda, and especially stimulants will lessen your attention and make it harder to sleep when you must. Eat well and don't eat heavily before studying; it will make you sleepy.
    8. If you're using drugs or alcohol, cut them out. They weaken your system and make it harder to do every activity. (The message here is to guard your health. It's the basis for everything you do.)

    9. Moderate and regular exercise will also give you more endurance.

    10. When you're studying, set up a good work space. It should be neither very comfortable nor too cushy. It's best to sit at a desk. (Lying on a couch or bed naturally makes you sleepy.) Have adequate but not bright light; avoid distractions such as music, DVD's, TV, etc. Study time is just that. Forget the myth that you can concentrate better with music in the background. Study sessions are not the time to multi-task. Focus on this one thing.

    11. Be interested in your subject. Read and study actively. Ask questions and figure out how the material helps you meet your goals. Being interested, even excited about your studies will help you stay alert.

    12. Many short sessions are better than a few marathons. Study as much as practical and then do something else, thinking about your studies throughout the day. This will help you avoid boredom and weariness.

    These tips have helped me very much for many decades. Hope they're good for you too. Enjoy your adventure.

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    This is a common problem which is seen in everybody. First of we have to understand that everyone of us have a goal to be achieved. The only reason for the failure in this is due to negligence for silly things like sleep. Although it may sound lousy to say that we feel sleepy in the morning hours, it is unavoidable for each of us. But there are remedies to overcome everything in this world.

    I would like to give you some psychological explanations to improve your studies. Always compare yourself with the intelligent students of your classroom. Put the question to yourself on why is he superior and you inferior. The reason is only one thing, which is nothing but he is hard working and you are not. We all have the intelligence and can be equally intelligent as others. This is something which everyone of us have to understand.

    If you are very serious about your studies, I suggest you to draw a small lamp in the place where you sleep which symbolizes the achievement of your goal or alternatively write the name of the person or the profession you would like to adopt. Immediately on waking up and seeing this, you will be motivated to get up early and study in order to achieve your goal.

    I hope you will find this suggestion in order. My best wishes for your studies.

    Best regards,

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    1. Eat an apple before you start studying.

    2. Drink tea or coffee, whichever you like before the same.

    3. Do some kind of tough exercises that will make you alert and stop you from sleeping.

    4. Try to concentrate.

    5. Study while walking. That is, take rounds of your bedroom and keep studying.

    6. Study in groups. This is also one of the best ways to keep you awake.

    7. Drink as much fluid as you can. This is going to keep you awake.

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    This is one of the commonest problem all of us are facing.
    Here are some of the tips i have suggested.
    1)early morning study is the best one in which we will be able to
    remember all the things we have studied.
    2)if you feel more sleepy keep the book upside down and try to read the inverted letters , initially you will feel it difficulty
    but later you will have the eagerness to read what it is and you will start reading nicely

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    This is common problem ,everybody of us must be facing this.
    u can avoid this by following simple tricks.
    1. when ever u feel sleepy, u have to take a nap without any hesitation,not for hours together.put alarm for 10minutes or 15minutes,then u have that psycological feeling I had slept for some time ,then now it is the time for studies.
    2. still u are feeling sleepy ,again follow the same, 10minutes sleep,then u feel urself shy ,i had enough of sleep ,this is psycological preparation for studies. can use tecniques like lisenting to music.eating snacks in between face waswith cold water,eatin less food before u go to study.creating tense in ur mind i have to study ,tommorrow i have this exam, taking hot tea,play games for some time Etc

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    This is the main problem many of us face while we study this is mainly because we lack interest in studies.we are not properly focussed for studies
    When we sit for studies we should study on table and sit on chair when we sit on a chair our body is erect and everything we study goes direcly into our mind.
    we should not eat too much we should take diet in regular intervals not only once eating more.
    we should wash our face at regular intervals while studying it will give us freshness while studying.
    Studying in the morning help us a lot as the environment is without noise and we can study v well in calmness and also to remove laziness while studying we should use pen and copy and after studying something try to write whatever we have studied u will definitely get good results doing this.

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