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    Which type of food is suitable for children less than 1 year?

    Which type of food is suitable for children less than 1 year? which food is more nutritious?
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    Best food is breast milk. Beside that NAN 1 and NAN 2 can be taken as baby food.

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    The following are the proven healthy diets for the children less than 1 year for their well growth:
    • Breast milk for children up to 1 year is ideal healthy food for healthy physical and mental development of children.
    • Infant cereal are also recommended by pediatricians to the children in addition to breast milk at their growing age..
    • Fruit juice, vegetable soup and cooked egg yolks are also recommended by pediatricians to the children from 9 years if they are able to digest.
    All the above diets are suggested from my practical observations in our domestic child cares. But it is highly recommended to consult specialist doctors periodically to get advice for changes of diets for the children

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    For less than one year of child best food is:-

    1) Mother's feed is very important for overall child development. Avoid feeding by bottles which cause problems in future like gastric problems and low mental health.

    2) Second thing is baby cereals like cerelac which comes for different infant groups.

    3)Dal ka pani, Dalia (porridge) are also can be given to the infants less than 9 months.

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    Hi ,

    for less than 1 year child and the best food for them ;

    1 babys cerelas like different infant of groups

    2 Dalia , bannana , potota , apple, smached

    3 boiled egg , boiled chicken smashed it

    4 soups different types of

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    In addition to breast milk, you can give the child a number of things that you may be already preparing for the rest of the family. Just make sure they are not spicy, or have too much salt or sugar in them. It is also a good idea to mash the food as it will make it easier for the child to eat and digest. However, sometimes you should give the child food that can be chewed, like soft parathas, etc.

    A mixture of boiled dal and rice can be pureed and given. Add a little yoghurt (dahi) to change the taste sometimes.

    Mashed fruit, mashed boiled vegetables.

    Home-made cereal and pulses mixture is very nutritious.
    Ragi flour - 1 cup, whole wheat flour - 1 cup, rice flour -1cup, moong dal - 2 cups, groundnuts- 1 handful
    Roast washed and dried moong dal and groundnuts separately. Grind both and mix well with the flours. Store in an airtight container.
    Take a few spoonfuls of the mixture when needed. Mix with a little water, ghee and salt. Boil for a few minutes on medium heat, with constant stirring to prevent formation of lumps. Cool and feed the child.

    Variation 1. While cooking the mixture, add a little grated carrot.
    2. Add a little boiled soya granules, asafoeteda (hing),turmeric powder, tomato paste while cooking.

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    Dear friend,

    For children less than one year, Mother feeding is best. No food can beat that. Mother feeding will help the child by giving resistnce power and also basic strength to the child.

    Apart from that Nestle milk powder can be given. Without doctor
    s advice, solid foods should not be given. Semi solid foods can be given.

    Also mother should take foods which contain nutrition, which inturn goes to the child which helps for child growth.


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    I will suggest you set a fooding system:-

    1) Early morning you can give breast milk.

    2) 8:30 a.m. you can give your child cerelac.

    3) 11:00 a.m. you can give a boil egg.

    4) 12:30 p.m. soft rice and dal or you can give nestum with dal.

    5) 1:30 p.m. mother's milk.

    6) 4:30 p.m. fruit juice can be given.

    7) 6:00 p.m. again feed cerelac.

    8) 8:30 p.m. you can try softly smashed a 'fulka' shoked in milk, if unable to eat then you can give nestum with diluted milk.

    9) At the bed time you give your breast milk.

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    For less than 1 year age, we should need to give proper attention for the health of child.

    1. Upto 2 Months - We should need to give 80% mother's milk and rest we can give mashed banana, skimmed milk etc.
    2. 3 Months to 6 Months - Milk, some (mashed banana, Cerelac, Dalia, Kheer, Dal ka pani etc.)
    3. 6 Months and above - Milk and milk products like curd, Dal ka pani, Rice Kheer, mashed banana, papaya, juice etc.

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    1)From birth start breast feed or you can say mother feed.Which is very nutritious for baby.
    2)From 4th month you can start baby cereal like cerelac in different flavors like rice, oatmeal,Dal ka pani,Suzi ki kheer.
    3)From 6th month you can start with ripe mashed banana,cooked and mashed patato, fruit juice which contains vitamin c.
    4)From 8th month you can start with cooked and mashed egg yolks,peeled soft fruits.
    5)From 10th month you can start with cooked vegetable cut in to very small pieces,cheese,cooked egg yolks.
    note:- Mother feed is going side by side.You must carry on for one year atleast.

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