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    How many litres of water is needed for a human per day?

    How many liters of water need for human being per day?
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    The daily need of water changes according to the season,it will be more during summer&comparatively less during rainy&winter seasons.
    Although daily 2-3liers of water is good for health irrespective of season, especially high intake of water in the early morning before breakfast helps a lot in preventing constipation.
    During some diseases like urinary or kidney stones&urinary tract infections high intake of water is essential.

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    A normal human body need 2 liters of water for proper metabolism. Consumption of more water has various health benefits like preventing constipation, healthy skin, avoiding pimples etc.

    But even water should not be taken in surplus amount more than the body requirement or it may lead to water intoxication.

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    A person should drink minimum 5 litres water a day. It keep you healthy.


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    It is said that for a healthy human being it requires 1.5 to 2 ltrs of water everyday. So if the person is having some skin problems or hair fall or over weight then its necessary that he drinks more than 2 liters minimum per day so that he can overcome those problems. Fluids are always important because it makes blood circulation and digestion easy. If u continue drinking less water there are more chances of skin, hair diseases and it might lead to jaundice too.
    So guys please make it a habit to drink 2 liters everyday for a healthy life.

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    Correct timing and amount to take water is:

    - 2 glass of water 30 min. before meal will help in digestion.

    - 1 glass of water after you wake up will help to active the internal organs.

    - 1 glass of water before sleep will avoid stroke or heart attack at midnight.

    - 1 glass of water after taking a bath helps lower blood pressure.

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    Water is very essential element for healthy skin and good health.One must drink minimum of 3-4 litres daily.If your not drinking this much of water,you can take juices to fulfill water's deficency..
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    Water is the major necessity of our body. We can live without food for weeks but we cannot live without water more than 4-5 days.

    Daily need of water cannot be fixed. This is totally depends on the climate and situation. We should drink water 14-16 glass (one glass 200ml) per day in every season.

    In early morning, before going to toilet drink 4-5 glass of clean water. Never drink a lot of water before going to the bed. Never bring the situation of thrust. Thrust is the indication of the body is suffering from the lack of water.

    So we can say we should consume plenty of clean water to work our body smoothly.

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    Water is the most important nutrient that sustains life. Apart from that all the organs and systems in the body esp circulatory system, digestive system and excretory system function properly when these systems get the required amount of water. Other than that water even regulates body temperature and the body cells get hydrated by sufficient quantity of water.
    Hence it is very important to take at least two to two and half liters of water in a day for maintaining a good health.
    If we don't take sufficient quantity of water not only the body gets dehydrated but it leads to constipation also.


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    An average man can have 2-3 lts of water everyday. But yo add more 1 lt in summers as you get more thirsty otherwise you get dehydration.

    In summers add salt and lemon to water and have it that will help you from sunstroke and dryness of mouth.

    Excess of water drinking is bad for health, remember that because all your dissolved nutrients will flow away in urine.

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    An average consumption is 2 to 3 lts. But doctors advising us to take 4 lt of water everyday. Morning must take 2 glass of warm water. This will help to clean our stomach. Our organs will work properly by taking more and more water. You can have water without thirsty also.

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    According to National Institute of Nutrition guidelines a person requires a minimum of 8 ounce or 240 ml of water or 8 glasses of water per day for healthy body. Do not drink all in one go, we should divide the number of glasses equally throughout the day and combine them with low calorie, nutritious beverages whenever possible

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