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    How to connect internet from mobile to computer?

    How to connect the internet from mobile to system and access from the system? Does it require any softwares?
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    If your mobile support Gprs ,3 g service ,edge .the mobile can connect to system to search internet .the mobile work as a modem .through Ubuntu 9.04 to connect the mobile phone to search internet .no need any application software .I will tell you some of the steps to connect .I am using nokia phone
    step 1
    connect phone to the USB port of the computer .the select the option "pc suit" in mobile
    step 2
    In Ubuntu go to System -> Preferences -> Network connections
    Step 3
    In network connection select the tab Mobil broadband -> +Add -> Forward
    Step 4
    Select the service Country -> India

    Select the service provider from the list –> BSNL, Idea, Airtel,Vodaphone etc.
    Step 5
    Click on the Network manager and connect the newly created connection

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    IF your mobile supports pcsync application then you connect it to computer for gprs.first of all we have the pc connectivity software for the particular model of ur mobile then install it.and then follow the instructions specified in the software or in your mobile (pc connectivity) user guide.

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    One can easily connect his/her mobile with computer by dial-up networking, if the mobile having blue tooth facility and GPRS is enabled.Only ask for setting to telephone company which services are enabled in the phone. the mobile has to accept that setting. after that share the blue tooth network and go to the control panel of computer and select the phone and modem option, select the modem option, open the properties and type the extra initialization command which is given by the telephone company through its customer service support. after that close the tab and exit to control panel. Again go to the start menu and select connect to blue tooth. your computer will connect to internet through your mobile.

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    jagan raj ,

    First of all it is necessary of activation of internet on your cell phone and also your phone supports the internet facility with which you can surf internet. There are two medium with which you can connect the phone with PC for internet. First is Data cable and other is Bluetooth .

    When you are connecting your phone via data cable you need PC Suit of your mobile company.
    once you connect your phone with PC the PC Suit indicate that your phone is connected. Now there is option of connect internet in your PC suit.
    If there is some problem, go to setting menu and select your APN provided by your company and change your country to india.

    Now the another way is Bluetooth. In this you need Bluetooth Dongle , first install the software of Bluetooth in to your PC. and Switch ON your Bluetooth of your mobile,
    Now there is option of connect internet in software with which you can connect the internet.
    Enjoy it.



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    for connecting internet from mobile to computer your mobile handset must have these properties- must be GPRS enabled(2.5G technology) or EDGE enabled(2.75G) or 3G enabled must have installed the PC suit CD that come with your handset.Basically this cd provides device drivers which are essential for computers to work with your mobile handset.
    3.A USB cable conneting computer and your handset OR if your handset and computer both are Bluetooth enabled, you can connect them through bluetooh also.
    4.Service provider's settings--when you insert SIM in your handset you automatically get Service settings for some providers.if you do not get service settings then please your service providers customer care and ask them to send you these settings.

    now comes the process of connecting.this can be done in this way--
    1.connect your computer and mobile handset via USB cable or Bluetooth.
    2.after establishing connection,now comes computer's role.for windows 7 and vista you may follow this way--
    (a)click start->go to control panel
    (b)go to Network and Internet
    (c)choose Network and Sharing Center
    (d)click Set up a new connection or network, a new winndow will open
    (e)choose Connect to the internet, the click Next
    (f)if you already made a connection on your computer then click on it otherwise choose "No,create a new connection", then click next
    (g)it ask 'how do you want to connect' ,double click on dial-up
    (h)if you have more than one modem it will ask you to choose modem 'which modem do you want to use' double click the modem which is reffered as your handset modem
    (i)then it says 'type the information from your Internet Service Provider(ISP)'
    (j)first fill dial up phone number.for this you must call again your service providers customer care and ask them for this number
    (k)fill user name and password(if you want),it is not necessary.
    (l)give any name for your connection
    (m)click connect , a dialing window will appear and you will be connected to internet .

    ---In some cases you may have to configure your modem(mobile set)
    for this--
    -right click on my computer-> go to 'manage'->click on 'device manager'->double click on 'modems'->double click on your handset modem, a new property window will appear->click advanced->In 'Extra initialization command' type the command which your service provider gave you. you may have to call again to your service provider for this.

    so now your computer is connected with mobile to internet.

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    Hi All,

    Let me share my daily usage Mobile to PC internet connection.

    Well I am using Micromax Q5fc mobile, which comes with CD and is having the PC suite software.

    you suppose to install this PC suite software on your computer.
    But here one more thing is that the computer must be having more than or 500MB RAM, then only it supports for New version PC suite software, otherwise it will not support.

    In the Mobile go to the "settings" give the web browser settings like port number,URL. this information you have to get it from the SIMCARD service providers like Vodafone,TATA DOCOMO etc.

    Choose USB connector from your Mobile and conect to the USB cable to PC and click on "connect".

    type your internet name for the saving on the desktop for the feature use. It will open the service provider site first and then you start typing which ever site you want to open.

    I thnk this may help.


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