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    What is the normal salary of CCIE?

    what is the normal salary of CCIE
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    Hi Anand,

    I hope you are on your way to Cisco's top most certification level CCIE. CCIE is the abbreviated form of 'Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert'. CCIE certificate is given for those candidate who are experts in any one of the Cisco domain fields like Routing & Switching, Voice, Wireless & Security. There are no pre-requisite for taking CCIE exam, those who are having 3-5 experiance in the respective domain can take the exam. CCIE certificate validity is 2years. You need to re-take the theory exam once in two years to extend the certificate validity period.

    Most reputed companies are hiring CCIE certified professionals. As CCIE is considered as expert level certification, normally all company will provide salary on the scale of highest domain engineer (or manager) according to the company norms.

    If you hold a CCIE in R&S (Routing & Switching)with 2+ years experiance, you can easily demand 12-20lakhs/annum package in India. And if you are trying on overseas especially KSA, your salary can be hiked upto 25-30lakhs/annum(INR).

    Current CCIE holders in the world are only near about 22,000 people. So there will be a high demand for an experianced CCIE candidate. If you are CCIE holder and a fresher, the salary may depend on your knowledge and pre-concepts. But still you can get 8-10lakhs/annum in India.

    Cisco domains like Voice, Wireless and Security are booming nowadays on IT fields. Wireless communications, IP Phones and Securities are the latest hot trends that company focussed on networking domain. So as a final step you should be more consious on selecting the domain for your CCIE.

    Wish you all the best on your journey..!

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    Thanks Ranith for your support .I really glad to your valuable commands

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    In my point of view the average salary after doing CCIE is starting from 10000 to 20000 Rs per month. After getting some experience candidate can get 30 to 50 thousand per month..

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    After CCIE salary packages depends upon candidate to candidate. For someone who is poor in communication skills can get 20000 per month. Someone with excellent technical and excellent communication skills can get 60,000 as well. It depends on your skills and confidence. We can't ignore the fact that Cisco is high paying industry. Its better to do CCIE than MBA or Java/ Software Engineering etc. Just after completion of CCIE, you get a job within few months and that too at more than 40,000 salary as fresher. Which other career option give you 40,000 or 50,000 salary in starting as fresher? NONE. CCIE is best man.
    And ask it from someone who is CCIE and had done CCIE as a fresher. Somoone like me. I did it 2 years back. And got a stating package of 5 lacs. Now its 8 lacs. I wasted 5 years of my life learning Btech topics and then JAVA. Thanks to God that i go a chance to do CCIE and clear it and get a good job.

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