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    Full form of HTTP,FTP and WWW

    What is the full form of WWW,FTP and HTTP?
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    World Wide Web

    File Transfer Protocol

    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

    Bijoy John K

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    www- world wide web
    http- hyper text transfer protocol
    ftp-file transfer protocol

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    Full form of HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol

    Full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol

    Full form of WWW is World Wide Web.

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    Hi maries,
    What does mean Hyper Text Transfer Protocol?

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    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a set of file transfer rules used on the World Wide Web; it controls the way information is shared.
    From the book Introduction to Computer by Peter Norton.

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    WWW:WWW stands for world wide web.It is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed though internet.

    FTP:FTP stands for file transfer protocol.It is a communication protocol governing the transfer of files from one computer to another over a network.

    HTTP:HTTP stands for hyper text transfer protocol and HTTPS means hyper text transfer protocol over secure socket layer.HTTP is the foundation of data communication for world wide web.

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