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    How can i improve my skin color?

    hi every body my skin color is wheatish. i want to improve my skin color. any ideas are tips are there. please tell me
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    Dear murali There are lot of method to improve your skin tone Few drops of lemon juice and few drops of milk cream. Make it a paste and apply on the skin
    Follow this method you will be fair and handsome
    Drink more water
    Avoid sunlight
    Use sandalwood powder
    drink Tomato juice
    Cucumber juice
    Drink carrot juice
    eat 3-4 Almond daily

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    dear muraji,
    There is one cream in the market which is called kojic is very effective to improve your skin tone.
    You have to use sun care lotion with that
    use kojic acid in the night and suncare lotion in the morning.
    Except this there are many products available in the market..but I suggest you to try garnier light it better then other available products in the market.
    It is also important to detoxify your body for clear skin so drink so much water.
    Antioxidants gives luster to skin so try and take some antioxidants.they are available in the market.

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    Dear murali, you can improve your skin color by applying these method given below. These methods also increase the glaze of your face.

    Daily exercise is must.

    Drink a lot of water.

    walk for half an hour daily.

    Drink juice like orange juice.

    Avoid oily foods and junk foods.

    These are the natural ways to increase glaze on your face.

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    hi Murali,

    There are many ways through which you can improve your skin color and not even skin color but Skin tone also improve.
    It will better if you tell us the type of skin you have because it depends a lot on what type of remedy you should take.
    I am taking you skin as Normal type
    1) Take gram flour add pinch of turmeric, 1 spoon of lemon and one spoon of honey and to make a batter add milk. Apply it on your face , arms and neck leave it for 15 mins and then wash it off with luke warm water and remove it in circular motion.

    2) daily wipe off your face with rose water.
    3) Another tip - dry orange peel, lemon peel and grind them and use it daily as a face wash you will see the difference in your skin.
    4) In case gram flour make an itching sensation then soak masoor dal over night and grind it , add one spoon of lemon juice and pinch of haldi and add some milk. wash your face with this batter. You can use this alternatively.

    Bhawna Shah

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    You can do following steps to improve your skin's color-

    1. You always avoid sunlight.

    2. Drink Tomato juice daily 2 times.

    3. Drink as much water daily as you can.

    4. Always avoid oily foods and junk foods.

    5. Eat Almond daily.

    6. Use Scandal power and Sandal cream.

    7. Always take massaz on face and body.

    8. Daily wipe off your face with rose water.

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    Make a mixture with cucumber juice,raw milk, honey and lemon juice. Apply it daily on your skin. This will help to lighten your skin. This work great on my skin. Try it once.

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    Our skin tone and condition depends entirely on what we eat and drink...
    so you might want to make changes to your lifestyle and food habits,here are some points for clear skin:

    1.Drink 1 glass of water with half a lemon juice(5-6 drops) on a empty stomach,it cleans your body internally and provides glow.

    2.Eat healthy food,avoid junk food,sauce,oily and spicy food.

    3.Eat a well balanced diet,include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain quite a bit of natural vitamin A and vitamin E, which is essential to good skin care.(eggs,tomatoes,fish,almonds papaya,watermelon,carrots,spinach etc)

    4.Drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily to hydrate your body.

    5.Wash your face twice with a face wash or mild soap/medicinal soap,depending upon your skin type i.e oily dry or combination.

    6.Soak 2-3 almonds overnight in a cup of water,peel them and eat every morning.

    7.Don't avoid skin totally because its good for heath,though over exposure may cause tanning or sun burns.use a proper cream with SPF(sun protection formula) content while going out.

    8.Homemade face pack of gram floor,turmeric and lemon works wonder for every skin type.use this face pack 3 times a week.OR a face pack of honey and with a pinch turmeric.

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