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    "How to increase the memory of system ?"

    How to increase the memory of system ?
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    If you want to increase your hard disk memory, you had better buy an external hard drive. It can be connected via USB.

    If you just want to increase your system speed, then think about upgrading virtual memory [RAM]. It is available from 32 MB to terabytes of size. You can upgrade it according to the ports available on your PC.


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    Hello Deepika,

    There are many ways to increase your computers memory.One is just to remove your present hard disk and install a new one with good memory such as 350 Giga bytes as this the most used Hard disk in present days.Second one is to connect an external hard disk to your computer.No wiring is required for this hard disk.You can fix it yourself with out help of any technician as it is USB and just connect as you connect your pen drive to your system.Third way is if your requirement is minimum, just go for pen drives.These are available from 512 MB to 32 GB.Choose the required way that suits your requirement.

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,

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    I am astonished to see the previous answers by fellow members members even Editor of ISC. The question is very simple "How to increase the memory of system?". Here it implies to RAM (Random Access Memory) of a system not the storage devices (HDD or PEN Drive) as suggested by members. Terabytes of RAM for a PC, I have not seen in my IT career. Please don't provide wrong information in the shake of earning points or money.

    Now to increase memory of the computer:

    1. Check your PC for which type of RAM is used in it. It may be SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2 or latest by DDR3 RAM type.

    2. Now find out how many unused memory slots available. It depends on the type of motherboard is present in your system. There may be 2 or 4 slots available for RAM sticks in a board.

    3. Next depending upon the free slot, check for how much maximum memory you can upgrade.

    Denomination of various RAM's is as follows:

    SDRAM: (32/64/128/256/512 MB)
    DDR1: (128/256/512MB/1GB)
    DDR2; (256/512MB/1GB/2GB)
    DDR3; (1GB/2GB)

    P.S: If you are a tech people better check for FSB(Front Side BUS) of existing memory module and of your motherboard even for better performance.




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    Before answering this question need to clerify two points.
    Computers are having two type of memory. One is physical and
    another one is virtual.

    The process of increasing virtual memory at Windows Plat form:
    > Right click on "My Computer"
    > Click Properties
    > Click "Advance" from property window
    > Click on "Perfomance Options" Button
    > Then Click on "Change" Button from performance window
    > Put the approperiate size of virtual memory
    > Then click on "Set" button
    > Click Ok
    > Click Apply.

    The Process of increasing Physical Memory :
    > You can increase the RAM as per your need. Just purchase and
    then open your CPU's site cover and install on the mother board's RAM slot.

    > If you need to increase your storage memory, you can just
    put another HDD as slave or secondery master/slave.


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    Well, there are few things that you need to look out before increasing the memory

    1] Is your system a 32 bit or 64 bit?
    2] What type of memory is best suited

    If you have a 32 bit operating system than the maximum memory that it can read is 3gb, the system will not read or use any memory beyond 3.3gb for a 32 bit

    If you have a 64bit system then yeah you can go ahead and upgrade the memory till 16 gb and you would have a lighting speed system :)

    Also make sure of the memory type that is supported, DDR2 or the latest DDR3... they would not fit in the slot if the wrong memory is purchased

    Please feel free to revert in case there is anything else required

    Regards Reuben

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    if you want to increase the memory of your syste keeping the other configuration same then you can increase your virtual memory or put RAM with higher memory.

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    hi friend
    It depends totally upon your mother boad that how much it can be upgrated, you cannot do if it does not support,

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    hi friend,

    below steps will help you to increase your system virtual memory.

    1. go to start--->>my compuer--->>see properties--->>click advanced--->>performance--->>setting--->>advanced--->>virtual memory--->>change--->>write down the valve you want.


    2. hold (windows+pause break)button in the key board--->>advanced--->>performance--->>setting--->>advanced--->>virtual memory--->>change--->>write down the valus you want.


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    check how much RAM your mother board supports and buy the RAM accordingly. here's an advice: while shifting your computer or moving it , make sure that the RAM is detached from your motherboard or else it may either damage the RAM or the port on the motherboard.

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    Use tune Up Utility 2009 and check for memory & it will free your
    memmory space in huge amount.

    Use task manager to terminate unnecessary Process to increase your memory.

    To increase the memory of your syste keeping the other configuration same then you can increase your virtual memory or put RAM with higher memory.

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    you can increase the memory of your system by upgrading the ram and hardisk in capacity, you can install another ram in your mother board, before that check out how much memory of ram does mother board support, and how much capacity of hardisk it supports,
    and buy the match of last configured devices that supports your mother boards last configuration, and you can also buy and install graphic card to increase your video memory for high quality graphics like dvds and 3D games,
    For more details about your mother board you can get it from websites.

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    You may increase your computer memory by replacing hard drive, this memory is for storage of data in shutdown mode also, and another memory for your computer's speed, which is useful at working on computer, so u can increase memory by replacing ram also.

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    Increase the hard disk capacity of the system.

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    If you want to increase the capacity of RAM first see the compatibility of the motherboard as RAM and processor should be synchronised with each other,otherwise if RAM capacity is more then processor RAM will start feeding data but Processor is unable to handle it same thing is wise versa.
    Increase the RAM Capacity in adding in dim slots but depend upon motherboard
    one can increase RAM capacity by adding hHARDDISK Capacity,or by connecting Harddisk one in master & other in Slave but see it is sata/ide type

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    u can increase the memory of system using additional harddisk attach to your mathorebord actually motherbord having two SATA PORT
    and two IDE port depeding on version of motherbord

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    Hi Deepika,

    You can change the memory of your system first you have to concentrated on what is your present memory of your system whether is 256MB or 512MB you can expand memory upto 1 GB or 2GB depending upon RAM slot available on the motherboard usually there are two slots so you can install 2GB or two 1GB on each slot.

    More than 2GB, motherboard might not support expandability.

    With regards,
    Chittaranjan Satpathy

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