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    Guide me to solve aptitude questions in competitive exam

    I recently completed my engineering in IT with first class. I have appeared for so many campus placements, but I have never never cracked an aptitude test. Please guide me where I am lagging behind.
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    There is no need to worry too much as many students face the very same problem of facing aptitude tests. Your main problem is to crack company written tests. So it is a good idea to check out previous written test papers with solutions, which you can easily find on the Net via reputed search engines like Google. Before doing this, I would suggest that you buy aptitude test-related books of leading publishers like Tata McGraw Hill, Arihanth etc. Start solving each and every question given there and verify your answers with the solutions given in the books.

    Additionally, prior to this type of testing, just take some time to read the questions carefully and first understand them. Then analyze the problem, write your analysis on paper then solve the problem. As you go along, try to reduce the problem solving time while practicing. Time is an important criteria in any competitive exam. So concentrate on time also.

    Hope that you crack the written tests by companies soon.

    All the very best.

    Best Regards,

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    The aptitude test questions are set to test your aptitude. So rather than giving stress on solving multiple questions from many books, I would suggest you focus on some basic books first. For example, the one by R.S Agarwal is a good book to start with and once you get the confidence in that book switch to 'Shakuntala Devi Puzzles'- it is quite interesting and really good. Then you could solve previous year question papers of all the major MBA entrance examinations. If you can arrange for the previous question papers of 'FMS' then solving them will give you more confidence. It is recommended to read MBA supplement of CSR regularly. I hope you will do good after all this!

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    It is a very very simple if you are ready to work hard. First, you need to go through the Quantitative Aptitude book of by R.S. Agarwal and then take some tests yourself. The book contains 32 Chapters, out of which it is advisable to study a minimum of at least 20 chapters. Then take some online exams and browse through aptitude questions and solve them. Do continuous practice!

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    Try to solve aptitude test questions of the type here:

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    You can practice aptitude test questions available from the well known book by R S Agrawal. Best is always to start with the basics!

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    To crack any aptitude test, it is first imperative to practice more at home, taking your time over it and not rushing to much. Then go through various test patterns. Spend at least 4hrs in a day daily. You will soon see the good results for yourself.
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    First of all increase your confidence that you can break through whatever may be the questions. Confidence can greatly help. With the increased confident level, start preparing for the aptitude test. I will provide you some tips here:
    1. For Maths, go through the books of 6th to 12th standard. It is more than enough. Check the related questions from R.S. Aggarwal's book titled "Quantitative Apptitude".

    2. For Logical Reasoning, just analyse the given problem twice or thrice before answering.

    3. Update yourself on current happenings by reading Newspapers.

    More important, do not feel downhearted if you failed to achieve success in a previous aptitude test because that will have helped you to prepare for the upcoming success.

    All the best!

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    To clear Aptitude tests, practice is more important. There are several books available in the market and also so many practice papers are provided by many sites. Start your practice from the basics.

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    What is essential is for you to read the question carefully and understand fully, then think about the answer. Naturally, the answer to the question will be from the list of options which are provided from which you have to select the answer. In case negative marking is being given for an incorrect answer and you are not too sure, then it is best not to answer the question at all.

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