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    Essay on topic "IF THERE IS NO SUN"

    if the essay topic is "IF THERE IS NO SUN" and need to be at a college level,what are the main points i have to write,main headings that it should include.
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    If there is no Sun, then there is no Solar System. Then there is no life on earth. No life means no human being. If there are no human beings on earth, then where do we have the computer? No Internet.

    Then what about our India Study Channel? What about your question?

    You can start your essay like this

    Everything Is Zero Without The Sun.

    You can add your own imagination and keep on adding things which will be absent without the Sun.

    You can conclude by saying

    There will be nothing on earth without the Sun.


    Janaki V.

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    If there is no sun, no biological, physical or chemical processes can occur in our solar system. Sun is the centre of our solar system, in the absence of which earth along with other planets will cease to exist. It is the solar energy from the sun that is responsible for most of the chemical processes that take place on earth. Sun also plays a huge role in the gravitational set up of the universe. Life without sun is unthinkable.

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    Any essay should have the following:

    1) a good introduction

    You can begin by mentioning how important sun is to the existence of the entire universe and how life without sun is impossible to even dream. This section should be very impressive because as the saying goes, the very first impression is indeed the best impression and well begun is half done.

    2) body of he essay

    Here you must specify in great detail why you believe the absence of sun will have an adverse and detrimental impact on our planet Earth in particular. It is also advised to divide the body of the essay into smaller paragraphs each mentioning how we benefit from the presence of sun and why there is no substitute for it.

    3) an effective conclusion

    You must present the conclusions you have drawn from your observation in a clear and concise manner.

    This will produce an excellent essay.

    Wishing you all the very best!!

    Sibin Sabu

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    You can include the following headings in the body of the essay:

    * How SUN affects the different chemical processes that take place on Earth like photosynthesis to produce sufficient food for the animal planet.

    *You can mention about the various physical processes in which sun is involved like its huge influence in gravitational system of our solar system .

    *You can mention a few ways in which the solar energy from the sun is being utilised by mankind for various activities. You can also explain the importance of the process of nuclear fusion etc which occur inside the sun.

    *you can argue why there is no substitute for this giant mass and why it forms the building block of our life on Earth.

    You can elaborate the ideas I have provided above to your satisfaction to come up with a fine piece of essay writing.

    Good luck!


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    If there is no sun then there will be no any life in the earth because Sun is the source of energy and without energy we should die.

    So sun is very much necessary for us for being live.

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    The sun is very powerful and unique and life of all living things in this universe will come to a stand still with out the sun. We all will feel like a fish out of water and as the fish would die when it is taken out of water, all the living things would seize to exist. Such is the importance of the sun.

    The moment the sun rises all the living things get energy and swing into action. How wonderful it is to watch the birds chirping and flocking together at sunrise.The bright light and rays of the sun signals that it is time to wake up. If the sun doesn't rise will there be morning?There would be no morning only night. Life would come to a sudden halt as if some body had applied sudden brake.

    Plants and trees would die and we won't get food. The animals and birds in the forest would go wild and would not know what to do.
    There won't be rain as the sun is also responsible for bringing down rain.

    In conclusion, the mere thought of disappearing sun would send electric shock to our minds and let us all pray that the Sun god shine and shine for many many billions of years to come.

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