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    First, Middle and Last Name

    Please explain how to write the First,Middle and Last Name on any occasion.
    I came to know that First Name is his name,Middle name is his father's name and Last name is his surname - is it correct?
    Then how the name of one Mr.B. Shafi(his name is shafi and his father's name is Basheer)is to differentiate as first and middle and last name?
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    Yes, first name is the name of the person, Middle name is the fathers/husbands name, Last name is the surname.

    Name can be written in different ways. Many people even prefer to write name in formats - (Last name) (First Name) (Surname)


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    Ok! Now tell me how to write the example name -

    I asked this as there is no surname practice in Tamilnadu.

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    This you can see some time when you are filling any application form for jobs or for any thing then it is asked that to fill first name after that middle name and in the last you have to write the last name that is called sir name.

    For example my name is Dharmendra Kumar Singh

    So Dharmendra is my first name, Kumar is my middle name and Singh is the last name.

    In case of mr. B. Shafi, You didn't write full name here because in such forms you have to mention your full name so you have to write full first name in stead of B.
    So here the first name is your name I mean full form of B and middle name is Shafi and if you want to add your father's name in your name too then the last name will be Basheer.

    So the full name will be

    First name Middle Name Last Name
    B. (Full form) Shafi Basheer


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