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    Latest Trends in Electronics and Communications

    Can you suggest a topics/sites which gives information about the latest trends and techniques used/that will be used in the field of electronics and communication to be presented as a seminar for course.
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    Latest trend in electronic and communication has been tend towards mainly two fields: (i) communication through optical
    fiber, and
    (ii) microwave(wireless)
    communication through VSAT

    (i) Optical fiber provides a wider bandwidth and so greater data rate flow through over conventional copper cables.
    The worldwide internet mainly depends on the optical fiber link
    SEA-ME-WE for its operation, which covers europe , middle asia and western asia. Optical fibers provides data rate upto 100 Gbps.

    (ii) VSAT networks are basically satallite communication, it stands for 'very small aperture terminal' and are provided with dish antennas with very small dimensions of about 1m.

    This communication is done in ku band and 'ka' band, which are also called microwaves.

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    Some of the latest trends in EC are as follows
    1. Free Space Optical communication
    2. Adaptive signal processing
    3. Ultra Wideband Networks
    4. Multitouch Sensing
    5. Redtaction
    6. Human Area Networks

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    As you have asked about sites so go for for electronics for you) this site will provide market techies update ,projects ,along with circuits dig,
    and now it comes to topics concerned to seminar you can go for field like ,microprocessors,vlsi,emmbeded system,they are worth to disscus.

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