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    What are consumer courts and how to approach a consumer court?

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    Consumer courts:

    Consumer courts are courts that specially take up cases regarding consumer- seller disputes. These disputes may be related to deceit, adulteration or giving low branded product, taking money for high branded and compensation.

    How to approach Consumer courts:

    There are three tier structures in these courts.

    1. District level consumer court which deals with 20 lakh rupee equivalent and below cases.

    2. State level consumer court which deals with 1core rupee below cases.

    3. Nation level consumer court which deals with beyond 1 core rupee cases.

    Procedure in the consumer court:

    You need to a file case in nearby consumer court. You can file it in your local language. Consumer court fee is hundred rupees. There is no need of taking a lawyer. You can be a lawyer of yourself.

    "Look at ants and learn"

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    Consumer Court is a special purpose court in India that deals with regarding to consumer disputed and grievance.
    This is judiciary court by the India Government to protect the consumer rights. if any consumer is cheated by the seller he/she can take help of it.
    Types of Consumer Courts

    1.National Level with amount more than 1 Crore
    2.State Level with less than 1 crore amount
    3.District Level value of product up to 20 Lacs.

    This court is mainly start on 1986 by India Government with Consumer Protection Act(CORPA).
    Here is no need for hire a lawyer there consumer is it.
    Consumer court fee is only Rs 100.
    consumer courts are now forcing the consumers to file case in local language instead of English.

    you can take online consumer help any type on i also taken help there.
    first you simple register yourself and ask your Question.

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