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    How to join a cricket team?

    how to join in a cricket team?
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    I did not mention what do you want.
    If you want to join as a player then you have to be good enough than others. You can become a member of any club and go with them for competition cricket and if are good enough then you will automatically find your place in the team. After that the big clubs will pick you up and further you will go ahead with state team and to Indian team.
    If you are a student then join your college team and play inter college cricket and there is many to observe you.
    If you want to join administration then you have to be a politician or political support is needed. Join any club registered under state cricket board and become a member. Then you join in the managing commette and contest election. Rest you will know after that automatically.
    Hope you have the enthuasism to do this. Good luck.

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    Cricket is a game of fame and money.In order to become a good cricketer you have to overcome lot of stages of the game i.e, from school level to national level and perform to your best to impress the national selectors, to have an eye on you and select to play for India.
    To start your career, you should start from school level,then represent in district and zone and then finally state level.

    By playing for state levels , you may come across to play in national league and the performance you make there will count to your chances to appear in national level.

    All the best.

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    It's very hard to join in cricket team. Because there will be some partiality when selecting people. Selectors will make a deal to join in the team. To join, you should be a millionaire (or) Best player than others in all category of cricket.

    anyway, Best of luck.
    Keep trying.

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