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    Good English movies to watch


    Can someone suggest me some good English movies to watch. But please, no technology related movie. Some movies for freshen up the mood.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you like dance stuff you may watch "Step up 3"

    But as you are looking for some mood refreshing kind movie yo better go for old movies... "Partition", "Hitch", "The dead body walking",

    People say 143, But I say 444, Love Your Life

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    yeah i have seen step up 3

    can you give me the links to these movies???

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    You may watch animation movie like Bug's life,Wall e, Kung Fu Panda,Ice age 1,2,3; Toy story 3.
    Or you may watch Shawshank Redemption,Persuit of Happiness.these are nice movie.

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    Here are some good movies according to me
    1. Blade series
    2. The Social network
    3. Troy
    4. james bond series
    5. Latest release the Green Hornet.

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    There are many good movies that you should watch to fresh up your mood. I am listing some of the movies that i liked most:

    1. The ultimate gifts
    2. Someone like you
    3. A walk to remember
    4. A beautiful mind
    5. The forbidden kingdom
    6. Edword scissor-hands
    7. The sixth sense
    8. Serendipity
    9. She is the man
    10. Spy next door


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    Well, I was going to put a tech movie and another brainstorming magical thriller on top, but you said you want movies that do not require stress on mind.
    In that case, I will suggest some masterpieces, in case you have not seen them.
    1. Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) - the best movie I have ever seen.
    But, don't go for the original movie. Watch extended edition whenever you have 11 hours of time.
    2. The Dark Knight (Batman series)
    3. Bourne series
    4. The forbidden kingdom.
    5. Kungfu Panda
    6. Wall-e
    7. Ice Age Trilogy
    8. Megamind

    There are many more.

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    this is my list. no technology movie.

    New in town
    when iam in rome (Yesterday Starmovies film)
    27 dresses
    twilight series
    The Ink heart
    Scary movies (4 or 5 parts)(Little bit disgusting but nice to watch)

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    Thank You all for giving me so many names. I will surely watch these movies.

    Thanks a lot once again.


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    I like Historical films so I suggest you some Movies. I am sure that you will like all the movies.

    1. Alexander

    2. Troy

    3. Prince of Percia

    4. Gladiator

    5. Lawrence of Arabia

    6. The Last King of Scotland

    7. The Last Emperor

    8. Titanic

    9. Pearl Harbour

    10. Underworld

    11. Underworld 2

    12. Clash of the Titans

    13. Narnia Prince Caspian

    14. The Ghost and the Darkness

    15. The forbidden kingdom

    16. Edword scissor-hands

    17. The sixth sense

    18. Mummy

    19. Mummy Returns

    20. Scorpion King

    I hope You will like all these movies..

    You can see for more movies from the link below.

    Thanks and Regards..

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    I Also watch movies a lot. Here are some movies that can relax your mind.

    1. Kingdom of heaven
    2. Braveheart
    3. What a girl wants
    4. Master and Commander: The far side of the world
    5. Valentines day
    6. He is not that into you
    7. The lizzie mcguire movie
    8. Mad money
    9. Invincible
    10. The Big hit
    11. The Game Plan
    12. Gridiron gang
    13. The weather man
    14. Bangkok dangerous
    15. I love you man
    16. She's out of my league
    17.Couples retreat
    18.The time traveller's wife
    19. The ugly truth
    20. The proposal
    21.The Hangover
    22. 17 again
    23. Role models
    24. American pie series
    25. Goal 1,2,3rd Parts.

    All of the above movies are very much entertaining and non boring movies. Most of these movies are humourous movies so that should relax your mind. I enjoyed watching these movies. So I'm sure you will also enjoy.



    Think.. Think.. Think again.. you can solve anything.

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    The mechanic is more rated in some websites
    Sanctum a 3d entertainer are some of the expected movies going 2 be released on feb 4

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    Hi Friend,
    There are many good movies you can watch. Some of them which I have seen and enjoyed most are,
    1) Lord of the Rings . You must watch all the 3 parts/volumes.
    2) The Dark Knight.
    3) Black Hawk Down
    4) The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    5) Anaconda- Hunt For Blood Orchids
    6) Die Hard-4
    7) The Tuxedo
    8) Jurassic park
    9) 300
    10) Gladiator
    11) Troy
    and also you can watch Harry Potter series.

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    As you mentioned that you want non technology movies, my suggestions in different genres are:

    Home Alone
    Home Alone 2
    Johnny English
    Johnny English Reborn
    Bean the Movie
    Jingle all the Way
    Bruce Almighty
    Evan Almighty
    Son of Mask
    Ace Ventura
    Ace Ventura 2

    A Beautiful Mind
    Theory of Everything
    Imitation Game
    Social Network
    Steve Jobs

    Harry Potter (8 films)
    Lord of the Rings (3 films)
    Hobbit (3 films)
    Mummy (3 films)
    Scorpion King (4 films)
    Prince of Persia Sands of Time

    Jaws (4 films)
    Final Destination (5 films)

    Death Race (3 films)
    Fast and Furious (7 films)
    Knight and Day
    Mission Impossible (5 films)
    Transporter (3 films)

    Sherlock Holmes (2 films)

    Inside Out
    Monsters Inc.
    Monsters University
    Finding Nemo
    Toy Story (3 films)
    Ice Age (4 films)
    Shrek (4 films)
    Madagascar (3 films)
    Puss in Boots
    Penguins of Madagascar
    Aladdin (3 films)
    Tarzan (3 films)
    Kung Fu Panda (3 films)
    Despicable Me (3 films)
    Cars (2 films)
    Planes (2 films)
    Mega Mind
    Tom and Jerry (12 films)
    Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs (2 films)

    Hope this list helps.

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