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    BCA Model Question Paper

    Dear All,

    I am a stranger of this site, currently I am doing a BCA 2nd year in Madras University by distance education. I have some doubt about the university exam, that is question paper and syllabus are same for distance and regulars?
    Hence I need a old question papers and model question papers which is conducted by Madras University at earlier.

    Can anyone help me to find it?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Adhav S
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    Hi friend,

    Madras University B.C.A Nov2005
    Programmin In Java
    Answer any Ten
    1.What is Meant by ByteCode?

    2.Write Short notes on Integer DataTypes In Java?

    3.Write a note on Jump Statements In java?

    4.Difference Between Class And an Object?

    5.What are Static Methods?Give examples

    6.Define interface

    7.What is the use of throw statement?Give example.

    8.Define the term Thread

    9.Explain about ByteStreams in java?

    10.How will you find out the length of a string in java?Give example.

    11.what is an Internet Address?

    12.Write a note on checkbox control in java?

    Answer any five (5*6=30)

    13.Explain about Lexical Issues in java with examples?

    14.Explain about different groups of operators in java with examples?

    15.write a java program to find the sum and average of n given numbers?

    16.Explain about the use of various access specifiers in java with sitable examples?

    17.Explain about packages in java with examples?

    18.Discuss the procedure for applets development in java with example?

    19.with an example of java program explain the use of AWT label control?

    Answer any Four (10*4=40)

    20.Explain about the three oop principles with examples?

    21.Describe the implementation of method overloading with an example.

    22.Write a java program to do matrix multiplication of two given matrices.

    23.Explain the procedures for suspending,resuming and stopping threads in java programs.

    24.Explain the methods in the following topics in java with examples.

    25.Explain the use of URL connection class with an example program.

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