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    Should I pursue MBA after graduation?

    I am a final year B-Tech student.I have secured 91.53 percentile in CAT 2008.I have applied for Post Graduate Management courses in Welingkar,Mumbai.In today's world of economic recession should I pursue MBA straight away after I pass out?The fact to be considered is that my graduation was financed by education loan and the bank is willing to extend the loan for further studies.
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    Dear Rusho,

    First of all make your question little clear that what you want to go for in MBA.Basically what will be your specialization? According to that a person will be able to answer.

    If you go for finance,then remember for first two years dont think to get a high package as this financial crisis will be for next two years.Yes if u are an excellent student then no problem.I wont say that you should not go rather i will say this is the best time to enter or study as when you will complete your education in hope the scenario will be fine..

    Noways chill out and check your financial thing and see till when you have to repay that and if u want to share how much and when then i can see the future prediction and guide you better.

    Pravesh Surana

    Pravesh Surana

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    Rusho,first of all you need to consider your bank loan - have you paid back that loan in full or are there still some installments to be paid? Even though the Bank may be willing to give you a further loan for further studies, make sure you are not getting trapped into a vicious loan cycle. Who is paying up the loan? Your family? If your finances are stable enough to pay back the loan, then there should be no problem.

    I suggest that if your finances are not stable, then better to drop the idea of doing an MBA right now. It would be far better to look for a job, even if initially it is for a small salary. Once you start saving your earnings, you can then pursue your MBA at any time. Eduation knows no age limit! In fact, once you get a secure job, you could even think of doing an MBA part-time or through correspondence or even online [make sure it is from a recognised Institute].

    Start looking for a job right here at ISC - it has an excellent database & a great fresher jobs database. I know the times are tough for job seekers but perseverance,determination and faith go a long way.

    All the Best!
    Forum Editor

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    Buddy in this recession period i will suggest you to go for MBA if you are getting a Good college and if your bank is wiling to increase the loan but if you are already placed than go that company it will be more beneficial to join your company in which you are placed.

    Thanks & Regards

    Pawan Bahuguna

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    Pawan Bahuguna

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    Hello Rusho,
    It doesn't matter you are doing MBA or not it matters what one likes and dislikes don't be so futuristic think what present condition demands.
    As a teacher i can say one must complete his education as early as possible and if it is in continuation, its always better.
    As far as your financial condition is concerened you are a B-tech graduate you can get any part time job in mumbai.
    Mind you Rushu opportunity knocks only once you have got 91.53 percentile. Can you get more or equal score next time?
    May be yes. May be... No.
    Go live your dream.

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    hi Guys ,
    There are various factors which should be considered before you decide for MBA.
    If you are Interested in MBA?
    Then you should prepare for cat/mat/GMAT .
    You should go for coaching and get a good score.
    If you Do MBA in other than top 50 B school its waste.
    Your Financial Background must be sound.
    You should be strong determined person.


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    Rusho ,first you have to think about small stepping before entering into a new world.I suggest you to take a job and get experience from this business life.Then u will have some information about the present situation and then u can step on to the next process of your education.But never loose your spirit of fire in learning new things that can make anything and can shape anything into great artistics.

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    In todays world & the upcoming demands from the employers, i think yes you should do your MBA in your chosen specialized field. f you have the Option or the oppurtunity to complete your MBA after your graduation please do it. More and more education never makes you go for a loss.

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    doing MBA after your profesion is ur choise through that you get promotion easily.

    kather mannan mohamed

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    Considering that you have to pay loan you should postpond your MBA

    Work for 2 years in which you could pay off your loan and also have an edge of work experience when you apply for MBA after two years

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    Yes i think this is the correct time to do MBA
    may be after 2 years the entire crisis will be recovered and the job option may increase

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    try to do mba in famous colleges in India. otherwise its a waste. try to do MBA in India only foreign MBAs are not good.

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    Hi Rusho,

    If all the meritorious students goes to US or UK then how our country being developed? If you are a good student then think about our country and try to understand what should our country needed.
    Good moral is when one stood beside others in every moment. Now our country needs you and you can change our country through your business mind.After recession many meritorious students are adopted by big industry from IIMC. So don't think so.

    With Regards

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    Studying MBA course from IIM institutes in india it will cost you at least Rs 18 lakhs and if you are from average family then you should join a company to start earning from now onwards.It's better to work for two year's and get practical experience then to study again for two years and also investing money.

    On thing which also want to make you clear that CAT score card is only valid for two year's.If you are completing your engineering course in the year 2014 then it will not be valid and again you will have to apply for CAT exam to take admission in MBA course.

    Only graduate pass out candidates are eligible to apply for CAT exam whose minimum marks should be 50% if they are from general or obc category and 45% for sc and st category.

    You can apply for jobs in government sectors also after completing your engineering course such as in UPSC IES(Indian Engineering Services),AFCAT(Air Force Common Admission Test).You will also be able to get jobs in navratnas and maharatnas companies by passing the public sector undertaking entrance exam.

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    For doing MBA from the top MBA colleges, you need to spend a hefty amount of money. At this stage of your career, you should take the decision of higher studies based on you financial condition. Taking a big amount of loan is not a good option as you will be in immense pressure to repay it. If you are financially comfortable to some extent then you should surely go for the MBA degree as it is only a couple of years deal. As you mentioned above that the todays world is of financial crisis so you should not opt for any general college. The top management colleges of India such as IIM and XLRI are best for persuing the degree. Inspite of the recession, these colleges provide highly paying jobs. You can repay the loan amount in a small time after getting placed through the campus selection on these colleges. Always choose one of the best colleges and finish your degree. Think all the aspects before taking a final decision. All the beat for your career.

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    If you are a graduate and you know your stuff, there will be a lot of jobs waiting for you. But as people doesn't know much about what they have studied or never took interest in the field they don't get good jobs and sometimes want to change their fields.

    Id you are thinking of doing an MBA my advice do it from a reputed University, or go for a PGDM from a reputed college that has good placement record.

    PGDM and MBA is the same its just MBA is a degree and PGDM is a diploma as private colleges cannot award you a degree but PGDM has high placement rate than MBA as colleges are dedicated to placements more than a university is. The prestigious IIM's have PGDM coarse's not MBA.

    Hope that clears the doubt for all.


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    firstly i tell that any graduate from a recognised university can apply for mba course.most reputed institude required minimum 50% mark in graduation .the best institude in india are all institude of iim,xim take admission in reputed institude you have to qualify CAT,MAT,XAT exam.after qualifying in any of these exam u have to face group discussion& personal interview.after that u get adimission according to your do preparation for cat exam .so that u can get admission in reputed mba collage.

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    Congratulations for scoring good In CAT. Condsidering your situation going for MBA is better suggestion as per my thinking. By finishing MBA from a prestigious College will increase your earnings potential. You should not think about the education loan at present as bank is not bothering you for money currently. After finishing your masters you can srart paying off the loans.

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