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    What are Line Coding Techniques?

    Please Explain me what is Line Coding Techniques?
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    Line Coding

    Line coding is a technique of converting digital data(binary data) to a discrete amplitude and time signal and transporting them through a physical channel.

    It is also called Digital baseband modulation. It is used in telecommunication for transmitting digital data.

    Most commonly transmitting techniques used are:
    1.Direct on transmission line in form of current or voltage.
    2.Free space optics
    3.In form of bar code
    4.on optical discs
    5.through hard or tape drives

    Line code is used because:
    1.It establishes self synchronization
    2.There is low probability of bit errors as the recievers recieves output in form of a wave or signal

    Technical definition of Line Coding

    Line coding is a technique of transmitting binary data in waveform.It uses a line encoder for the purpose and the line encoder works as follows:
    1.It recieves the input in the form of a sequence of bits ak,here ak is a function of data bits.
    2.It produces an output that is a waveform given by:
    x(t) = ?k ak p(t-kTb)

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