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    List of best courses after completing graduation in B.Sc. (IT)

    Here i want to know that what can be the best courses that can be done after completing the graduation in bsc(i.t). Because there are lots of software and hardware courses offered by many institute as well as there are many animation courses, so which should go for so that it will help to make carrier.
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    Hi Puran,
    As you are in BSc(IT) so you should go for any software course.Now There are different types of software courses available,here again comes a thing and that is your interest,the platform in which you are strong.So, First of all try to generate your efficiency and first judge yourself that in which platform you will be comfortable.
    Now some of the courses which you can join:-
    1.M.C.A(Master In Computer Application),For getting a qualification of master degree.
    2.If you are interested in Database you can go for Oracle.
    3.If much interested in programming and all you can go for specialization in Java,.net,VB,Adv C...
    4.You can also join web designing and animation which is an ever green platform in which you can work from your home by designing and making different websites,managing and maintaining them.
    5.If you are interested in teaching then you can go for MSc and teacher training courses.
    6.If you are interested in hardware you can join Hardware and networking in any good institute like NIIT.

    Now these are some suggestion from me hope it may help you.

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    Bsc.(IT) is a very good course and you can do any post graduate course in computers to gain your knowledge and also to gain your chances for getting a very good job. There are so many courses which you can do these courses are as follows.

    1. MCA (Master of Computer Application)

    MCA is the most preferred course after doing BSc.(IT), You can do any stream in MCA weather it is in Programming and Development, Database, Testing or Networking. It is depending on you that which stream you want to choose. All the streams in computers having a lot of scope for you to get a very good job.
    There are many Universities where MCA is running and you can get admission in this course by an entrance exam held by the University of your choice. You can also do this course by Correspondence if you are doing any job and not having time to do a regular course. And I think IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is the best University in India to do this course as a Correspondence course.


    MSc(IT) is also a good course after Bsc.(IT) and this course is also a service providing course. Course duration of MCA is 3 years and for doing MSc(IT) you have to study for four semesters or 2 years. You can also do this course by Correspondence.

    3. And if you want to do any short term course after your Bsc.(IT) then first of all decide which field you like then do the course accordingly.

    For Database there many courses which you can do and they are-

    1. MCDBA Certification (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator)
    2. ODAC Certification (Oracle Database Administration Courses)
    3. Certification course in BerkeleyDB
    4. Certificate course in DB2
    5. Certificate course in PostgreSQL
    6. Certificate course in Firebird

    But most popular courses are MCDBA for SQL Server and ODAC for ORACLE data base.

    For Networking You can choose any of these courses-

    1. CCNA (Cisco Certified course in Networking)
    2. MCSE (Microsoft Certified Course in Software Engineering)
    3. Certificate course in Networking from Jetking.

    If you want to go in Programming field.

    then you can do a certificate course in any of the language and technology.

    - Java
    - .Net
    - C#
    - PHP
    - C++
    - HTML and DHTML
    - Haskell
    - Scala
    - Standard ML and OCaml
    - Scheme

    You can do an Advanced certificate course in Linux as Linux is used in high secure departments and there are many jobs on Linux in Government Sectors.

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    Dear Friend,
    As a B.Sc IT graduate M.Sc IT or MCA is the best option for you.If you are going for different courses provided by private institution it won't help on your career.Once you finish your post graduation you can try in IT companies and they will provide
    training on their own needs.While attending interview they will test your communication and aptitude skill only.

    Please let us know if you have still doubt in this matter.

    Siraj CM


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    Hi Puran,

    After completing graduation course in B.Sc(it) it recommended to go for higher study in M.Sc(it) for your career advancement in IT sector.

    If you are really interested to continue higher education in IT I will advice you not to leave IT profession and put hard labor to become master in information technology. In future you will get the benefit for career advancement.

    One of the leading IT training company NIIT is offering M.Sc(it) with their state-of-the-art infrastructure and best placement records. NIIT has opened M.Sc(it) course in many state capitals in India in academic alliances with prominent Indian and foreign universities for huge job demands in Indian IT sectors.

    Recently NIIT has entered into agreement with B R Ambedker open university, Karnataka state open university and ITT technical Institute to train up IT professionals in India to meet tremendous job demands in this new technology.

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