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    How to stop brain drain in India?

    What is brain drain? How can it be stopped for national interests?
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    Brain drain is a cannonical term referred o the emigration of talented young students to western countries especially those in North America and Western europe.

    The main cause of brain drain is sorry state of the education system in the country,especially after the graduation level.Centers of excellence are few and sparse.

    Brain Drain can be prevented by improving the basic structure of the education system and providing incentives to merotorious students.

    Moreover the government of the day needs to ensure good employment facilities for students by encouraging domestic and international investment in manufacturing and research and development.

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    When super intelligent engineers, doctors, scientists, scholars etc who can do wonders for the growth of economy of India go abroad and settle down there by working for the country they stay , the situation would result in brain drain. It is like the rich resources of our country in form of knowledge acquired by those intelligent one wasted in drain. Sometimes the governments spend a lot of money for their studies and expect them to give it back in form of service to the nation.

    It could be stopped only when the government try to encourage them by not only offering them good jobs but also giving them good salary.

    Radha Muralidhar.

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    Brain drain is the term that refers to emigration of talented and intelligent people from developing countries to the developed countries due to lack of opportunities, health risks or political issues.
    Brain drain is a very serious issue as it is movement of technically skilled people to the developed countries, indirectly leading to transfer of capital or income to such countries.
    It is necessary to stop brain drain, various measures are to be taken by the government. The basic utilities are to be modified.i.e. the schooling system has to be modified. The education system has to be improved. Fiscal or career incentives are to be provided. Growth opportunities are to be developed.

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    Hello Jayanta,

    This is a very interesting question.
    To stop the brain drain in India Government should follow below points.

    1.Government should give better opportunities to the people of India.

    2.They should be given opportunities according to their skills.

    3. Salary should be given according to their skills and knowledge.

    4.Government should open more Engineering and Colleges for higher level education.


    With Regards,

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    Dear friend,

    Well, how to stop brain drain? Is just simple question for which you can get a simple answer. But if you try to put the question like this "Who can stop brain drain in India ?". That will be a hard for anyone. since no one can able to spell the word "I can".

    If there is anyone in our country, then brain drain is nothing but dust which fades away in single blow.

    Brain drain happens because our government are not giving opportunity for many people. Its absolutely true, but how many Indians in abroad who are earning millions of dollars, and spending the money in India and providing opportunities for rural people. Its merely countable.

    How to stop brain drain? I can give a solution which cannot be done at the moment. It takes time.

    The solution is bringing back all successful Indian people from abroad and make them work for the nation.

    If this is done, automatically opportunity increases, unemployment decreases. GDP increases with decrease in import rate. Finally the brain drain will be zero.

    Good jobs cannot only be provided by governments but also by the private sector people also.

    Now young Indians have started their path as said by Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam, "Never be a job lender, be a job giver".

    By the end of 2025, India will succeed in something which we have never expected.


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