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    What is SRT in SSB interview for getting the job of an officer in Indian Army?

    What is SRT in SSB interview for getting the job of an officer in Indian Army?
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    Hi Deependra,

    This is a test of common sense. This test conducted in SSB interview to test the common sense of the candidate. An officer of the armed forces comes across new and uncommon situstions during his service career. He can tackle the situation if he has an alert mind and think clearly,logically and quickly. He has to keep his presence of mind and give quick decisions. He must be able to bear stresses and strains without getting nervous.

    Nature and Scope-

    SRT measures the individual in action or confront him with situation related to own life, in response to which he gives expression to his feelings. This way he reveals some of his personality traits through his performance for or against certain contacts with others, and through his spontaneous methods of dealing with life situation preconcived by the psychologist. This is a test of common sense, reasoning ability and maturity because one learns to act appropriately to these situations by virtue of the experience one gains in life and not by the knowledge one gains through classroom instructions.


    At the SSB a candidate is required to answer nearly 60 questions in 30 minutes. The time limit has been purposely to the minimum to ensure that the candidate gives his response without protracted deliberation just to attract spontaneous response.
    The situation given in the test resemble with those confronted by all of us in day to day life. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer for these situations. Candidate expresses his choice which matches with attitude, temperament and other personality features. No special intelligence or knowledge is required to answer these questions.
    Sometimes an imaginary character is introduced and he is made to face the situation and asked to find out a solution. Whatever the name given to this character, in reality he is none other than the candidate himself.


    1. Write minimum possible words in your response, using action words and punctuation marks.

    2. Use telegraphic language

    3. Don't write meerley reaction, write full action.


    Just before starting of a doubles match, he found his partner missing. He............

    He took the substitute player.

    Complete Action-
    He took the substitute player, played the match and won it.

    Keep in mind-

    1. Candidate has to attempt all questions within the stipulated time. Therefore, candidate should attempt easier question first and then th questions he finds defficult.

    2. Your response should reflect qualities like co-operative attitude, positive approach. If you do a realistic analysis of the questions, you will find that the responses being given have relation to one of these aspect.

    3. It may find that one situation is repeated in other form. Therefore you have to be cautious not to contradict an expression of your personality already given in respect of previous situation.

    4. If a candidate is down to earth and have positive approach, quick in uptake, helping nature, co-operative, friendly, courageous, bold and firm to his decision, he can do well in this test.


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    Dear Deependra Kumar Singh,

    First of all, let me appreciate your decision to join the Indian Armed Forces which are facing a shortage of able, intelligent, honest and sincere officers to serve the country.

    SRT in the SSB test is a Situation Reaction Test, where your capability of reaction to a particular situation will be tested, e.g., they might give you a situation "You come across to watch accident taking place on a road and driver of the car is seriously injured". They would want to know

    (1) Whether you would ignore it and go on your way,
    (2) Whether you would immediately ring up the police, or
    (3) Whether you would make arrangement to shift the injured to the nearest hospital or the like. So depending on your answer, your reaction to the situation will be tested.

    I hope I have made the things clear to you.


    Sukhdev Singh

    "Teaching is my passion and sharing knowledge is my motto"
    Sukhdev Singh
    Lead Editor Forums Section

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