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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of modernization in our life style?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of modernization in our life style?
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    Modernization in life style ave good and adverse effects.
    1. In the present scenario modernization of life is must to survive as per Darwins Law.
    2. Smooth and advance life style with latest enjoyment.
    3. It provides you the opprtunity to gain knowledge.
    4. You can survive in any condition. It increases the survivability power.
    5. It helps you to establish yourself in a good position.
    6. It gives you higher place in the society.
    7. It provides you opportunity to earn money.
    the disadvantages are
    1. It involves more financial requirement.
    2. The mental peace disappears.
    3. everyday the life is modernized so to keep update with this is very difficult.
    4. It damages the good vaues of the life.
    5. It is very harmfull for nature.
    6. The life became artificial, human acts like a rbot.
    7. It kils the humanity feelings of human.

    In my opinion modernization is required in physical sector upto certain level but not in the Moral sector.

    "More love in life can ruin the life"

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    Modernization is the diffusion of the western lifestyle and technological innovations. It is a complete renovation of our culture.

    Modernization is good in the sense that it helps us practice democracy, everyone is free to do what they like to do. Everyone is free to follow customs they like and live the way they want to.
    But it is also bad in that we have completely forgot our culture. Moral values are getting degenerated. We have become so involved in ourselves that we do not know anything about our surroundings.

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    Advantages of modernization in our life style:
    1. Easier ways of communication.
    2. Much exposure to the world around due to internet.
    3. Better means of commutation.
    4. Household chores became easier due to advanced appliances.
    5. Better education.
    6. Broad outlook.
    7. Leading a more comfortable life.

    1. Craving for more earnings for enjoying the luxuries.
    2. Increase in stress and tension.
    3. Increase in selfishness.
    4. Increase in egoism.
    5. Polluting the environment.


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