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    Any tips to control gas problem.

    I have gas problem. Can anyone tell the causes for it, so that I can overcome from it.
    Along with it tell some tips how to control it.
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    The food we eat is the main problem, some of the foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates which we consume are the culprits. They are a little hard to digest and can affect different people in different ways.
    Food items like beans, peas, whole grains, cabbage, grapes, plums, raisins, corn, onions, soft drinks, red wine, beer and for the milk intolerant people, milk and milk products can cause the gas problem. You also have to remember taking foods containing sorbitol, such as dietetic foods and sugar-free candies and gums can also cause gas trouble.
    Note down the things you eat and the amount which causes you the discomfort. Reduce the amounts the next time you eat them and see. Drink lots of water, non aerated drinks, fruit juices and clear soups. These will aid you during the digestion.
    Do not gulp and swallow fast while eating. Chew slowly so that you do not swallow lots of air with that.
    For all of us Gas will be there in the digestive tract and it is quite normal and not excessive. Only if you have problems like belching, flatulence, bloating, and abdominal pain, you have to take a note and consult.
    If you eat moderately and carefully, by trying to understand what your body tells you, you will not get into trouble.
    See that your bowel movements are regular, even if it is twice a day. The only thing you can do to to reduce the discomfort of gas are changing your diet, taking digestive enzymes to help digest carbohydrates, and reducing the amount of air swallowed etc.
    Always remember that it is not life threatening but only embarassing, when you are with your friends and colleagues.
    But always do not avoid taking those foods which create gas for you. They will be the most nutritious food which your body is trying to digest. If you like you can reduce the amount.

    Latha Jayaprakash

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    Gas problem can be cured by eating a small piece of Ginger.It is the main ingredient for the gas problem.

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    Hello Badri,

    The main reasons for gas problems in human beings are indigestion and acidity that occur due to disorganized intake of food on irregular timings, heavy and spicy food, over-eating, alcoholic drinks, smoking, chewing tobacco.

    The popular saying “Protection is better than cure” fits the most in the case of gas problems because this ailment does not occur due to any bacteria; it is rather a result of our wrong habits about eating and drinking and abuse of our digestive system.

    Even our ways of drinking water may also result in acidity, flatulence and gas problems. We need to take precautions for not to drink water immediately before and after meals. We should not drink water during eating food also for keeping the concentration of digestive juices, released by our body, intact.

    Better take a gulp of water after meals to clean food particles left in our mouth. Subsequently, we can and should drink plenty of water after 30 minutes of meals and thereafter.

    “For more information please see my answer in another thread on IndiaStudyChannel via this link”

    Harish Jharia
    Editor, IndiaStudyChannel
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    18 July 2009


    Harish Jharia

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    Hello buddy,
    for a healthy body and mental state, we have to lead a healthy living style. Todays main reason for gas problem is fast food (I will call it junk food), oily and spicy food, smoking, over tea and coffee, alcholic drink, irregular timing on taking food, more over living style such as sitting job nature, stress, not having proper sleep, working in night shift that is incorrect to our biological cycle.
    To overcome these problem we take water in proper quantity, should not take water just after meal. Lemon in hot water is bestway to remove acidity. We shouldnot take food irregularly, should have proper sleep. Take fruit juices and vegetables more. Use of Ginger provides instant relief to gas problem in critical conditions. get up early in the morning, go for bed early in the morning, have a morning walk, eat healthy food, do pranyam anulom-vilom and kapal bhati regularly, you will never feel problem of gas.
    With regards

    With best wishes & warm regards

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    eating little quantity of food many number of times will surely relieves you from gas problems change your system of diet make it 6 times a day and have a spoonfull of lemon juice after your diet this will even solve your problem avoid oil foods junk foods masala and stuff have a healthy and balanced diet

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    Regular gas problem can lead to serious cases. Gas in stomach is caused due to many reasons like sleeplessness, oil and spices, drinking less amount of water, restlessness, heavy meal etc. Different type of foods can cause gas problem in different persons. So try to find out which particular food is causing gas problem and avoid that.

    You can have half a teaspoon of cumin powder and a pinch of black salt with a cup of water or thin curd to get relief

    Ajwain is also known for curing gas problem.

    Drink plenty of water. Avoid junk foods during bed time.

    Don't drink water immediately after eating oily foods. Always drink a glass of water before having some snacks.

    Get enough sleep, and avoid odd time meals.

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    Gas problem is minor now a days. 75% people are having this. It is not very difficult to overcome. Some simple precautions can let you overcome this problem forever.
    Causes :
    1.If meal is taken late night. 2. Not drinking water during meal. 3.Sleeping too much at day time (if there is no night work). 4.Taking food which cause gas such as rice, potato, fried food, food with much oil or ghee. 5.Eating samosas, fast food, non veg.,
    Precautions and remedies ;
    1. Go to bed early night i.e. about 9 or 10 o'clock. 2. Drink little bit water with a short interval during your meal. 3. Take homoeopathic medicine NUX VOM (mother tincture) 1 drop in a cup of water or 2-3 drops of chaparo Q. My father is a well known homoeopathy doctor. 4. If you can find then buy SHAHTOOT SHARBAT and take it with a luke warn water. It will finally remove gas from your stomach. 100% guranteed. 5. Milk also causes gas but if you boil milk with two-three KALI MIRCH (black pepper) then it will not cause gas. Take cow's milk only as other animal's milk cause too much gas. 6.Don't eat samosa, oily matarial, fast food, spicy food
    7.Which type of food should be eaten in which season this can be found in good ayurvedic magazine. Follow those rules. 8. At night keep 1-2 glasses of water. Get up early in the morning and drink that. Walk a little. 9.Don't try to avoid going to toilet, latrine. Go to immediately at any time if pressure occurs. 10. Don't take heavy meals at night. Take light meal and walk atleast two kilometers after meal.

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    Gas problem is a common disease now days just because of food habits.
    You can avoid it only the way is take your food timely.
    and avoid junk foods.
    keep a small biscuit packet WITH YOU.
    Take 5-6 small meals instead of 3 heavy meal

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    Hi! Badri
    Only one solution for gas problem is - drink water more then 5 litters a day and exersize daily.

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    firast of all dont eat oil foods.Eat limitedly and should drink more water and if you eat more gas will attack you.Dont eat less eat as sufficient as you eat and dont eat oil foods.Cut down on certain foods.Drink plenty of Water.Reduce the amount of air you swallow.

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    Just change your life style and your eating habits and stop eating food in the night or you can say dinner,that will help in solving your gas problem.Above all, the ayurvadic medicine namely 'Namak Sulemani'will help you.Take it after the food.

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    Avoid a lifestyle which is like

    FEASTING attitude
    Eat irregularly, stomach fulls, evrything anytime,
    FASTING attitude
    Fasting in the name of Diet control or Busy lifestyle,


    Having banana after curd with meals it aggravates acidity,

    Milk, Milk products, Oily food, spicy food etc needs to be taken
    moderately along with some balancing acid regulators in food.

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    Hi friend

    To avoid gas problems you must have to eat food at correct time, you must not eat junk food very much, don't eat too much spicy food, drink Pumpkin juice three months for every day at night before sleeping.
    This is what I have heard.

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    The main problem of gastric is undigestable foods and large quantity of spicies.
    Irregular timings of food taking also creates gas problems
    the best way to digest your food is drink 1 glass of water half an hour before you eat and dont drink water upto half an hour after you eat.
    Drinking of water as soon as you eat makes your digestion slow.
    this is the best way of preventing from gas problems.

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    reduce intake of milk mainly in form of coffee, tea etc. plain milk can be more nutritious. acidity problems can also be due to H.Pylori infections. Check with the doctor. Use natural remedies as much as possible avoiding drugs.

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