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    Which is a better engineering university - VIT / SRM / Manipal

    Can anyone suggest me which university is currently better for studying engineering among the following
    VIT / SRM / Manipal.
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    Out of the three choices given by you,SRM is the ideal choice as its reputation is very good and the quality of education provided is also excellent. Manipal is an above average college but not of very high standard as its placements have not been very impressive in past few years. In case of VIT,the reputation of the college has taken serious beating as not only is its fees very high,but the news of corruption and potential threat of getting black listed have not helped its cause either. So,I will advice you to choose SRM.

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    VIT, SRM and Manipal are the leading deemed universities in India. I would suggest you to decide yourself rather asking suggestions.

    First: collect the details of the placements from each college and do a case study.

    Second: Check whether you will get a good support from the staff members.

    Third: Make sure you are able to equip yourself or you can learn more new stuffs.

    In my point of view SRM is good as it trains their students to full potential and shine in their higher studies and also in their work.

    SRM stands alone and we can easily differentiate SRM students from the other universities.

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    in modern education better for education so

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    SRM is best one it's having international education standard.

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    As you have given the boundary to select from the given three univ. so i think out of these three the SRM is the best after all its international level univ. And just a couple of months ago it got a great achievements by conducting some sort of Scientist Seminar and thus it got the world records too.


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    Since I am a student of Manipal University, I find it best. So you please find out the details and then join. Do not go on my words.

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    As far as universities are concerned the criterion are:
    1]The recognition
    2]The quality of delivery[which is measured by the level of placements]
    On above criterion,VIT stands first,then comes Manipal & SRM.
    Today,the admission is also tough at VIT, because of its significant growth in positive word of mouth.
    Above all,it is always an individual's effort.

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    First of All, all 3 of these are private universities with their main campuses in South India. Out of these 3, the one which i personally recommend is VIT , it is because it has a good reputation of all 3 of these and even it's two B.Tech fields have got International Accreditation from ABET and even there are education tours outside India developing every bit of a child.
    I am telling u VIT because of three points,
    1.It has a very good placement option specially this year it has set a record of many placements, you can check it out on VIT website-
    2. International Accreditation is a great achievement for any university.
    3. It's programmes for Students are the most suitable giving every bit of time to carry on all the activities.
    4. There is full support for all leisure activities.

    And hence from all these a student can succeed in himself, as there are three keys to success- work, play, keeping everything up to yourself.
    All the Best

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    As per rankings done by newspapers and websites like mint,india today,careers 360 and others Vit is placed ahead of manipal and manipal ahead of srm. Vit should be a serious competitor because it has got aicte and international accreditation. Scores of companies visit the campus every year and tcs had a record 1600 selections in 2008 from vit. Vit also offers choice based credit system. But I am not aware of the inside details. When it comes to srm it has good reputation but that is not seen in its rankings. Srm offers good placements and the campus is fine. Some inside details are that for b tech they charge around 8 lakhs and around 4 lakhs as donation. I had cleared srmeee but opted out due to the high fees. The food is horrible at the mess but that is so in all colleges. It also provides you an opportunity to study a semester in a foreign university. They have tie ups with a lot of foreign universities. As far as manipal university is concerned, it is again a good one. But I have heard that the place has severe ragging. Placements are not that great,maybe because of the varsity 's location but even then it is reputed. No tie ups and stuff. The fees is as high as the rest of the lot and the entrance exam is conducted online. If you ask my suggestion I would rather go for bits.

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    Hi Frined,
    1stly You have to choose college/university dependends up on following crateria,
    1)Facilities like equipments,Lab, etc.
    2)Expert faculties
    3)Placment track record.
    4)Sutablity to you.

    Among above mentined university, I think VIT would be best option,2nd one would be SRM.

    Best of Luck.

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    AS far as education and quality of Placement is considered VIT is better

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    I would say VIT and Manipal are better.
    Ranking :
    1) IITs
    2) NITs
    4)Shobhit University
    5)BITS Pilani
    6) BIT Mesra
    7) Jadavpur University
    8) DTU
    9) VIT
    10) Manipal
    11) NSIT
    12) HBTI
    13) RV
    14) PESIT
    15) Kalinga institute of industrial technology
    16) Jaypee University
    17) SRM University
    18) Amity University
    19) Thapar University
    20) Anna University

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