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    Which is the best washing powder?

    Many people asking me to buy Amway product. Is that costly? Which one is best?
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    I suppose surf excel/ariel has been the best till date

    but interms of popularity wheel matches it head to head due to maximum use in villages.

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    Hi Joy..

    Amway products are good when you are looking for some beauty products. Though costly, Amway is a well known brand. But I am not sure about Amway washing products.

    If you are looking for relatively better and less expensive washing powders, then I would suggest Tide, Surf Excel, and the new stain remover Rin powder. If you have a washing machine, please prefer surf excel. If not, then you can choose even Tide and Rin or even wheel shakti.

    Actually, I have tried all the available brands and found them more or less the same. But still, I prefer using Rin or Tide.

    So, happy washing!

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    Dear friend,

    There are lot of washing powders are available in the market. But I came to know that some people are affected by skin problems due to mixture of calcium in the powder. Better you can go for liquid based products. I can suggest Amway - SA8.

    Since this product comes as chemical free product, because it has been prepared with the help of plants. After washing the clothes, you can redirect the water from the washing machine to the plants in our garden, it will give a good result for the plants to grow.

    When coming to price, it is very economic. People has to get awarness about the usage of the product. Usage depends on how many clothes and how many litres of water we are using for washing. Also it is advisible to buy a measure cap which will be very helpful to use correct amount of liquid for washing.

    This product comes in 500 ml and 1 Litre capacity.


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    Amway products are good but some people feel they are expensive. I am using Modicare products since 3 years and find them equally good but not as expensive as Amway.Especially Modicare's soap powder and bathroom cleaning liquid are really wonderful products.

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    Tide and Rin are the best in now a days. because they launched new product with good perfumed smell.

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    Points to tell about washing machine soap quality:

    When you place a small amount of powder in water, and stir it briefly, and there is no granules of undissolved powder, then the quality is good.
    When you see granules, then quality decreases according to how much is undissolved.

    Quality = more cost.

    To achieve same quality of washed clothes, you may use less amount of high quality powder as compared to a larger amount of lower quality powder. Effectively, it works out to the same cost to have good finished product.

    One advantage in using higher cost product is that there is hardly any residual matter(patches of light white markings) seen on darker colored clothes.

    Brands don't really matter, they all seem to work the same.

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    Surf excel is the best washing powder but it is expensive,alternatives are surf excel blue,ariel.

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    amway prducts are costly but said nirma and surf excel are good products.

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    from me its good to use surf excel for washing clothes,and for washing the dishes exo should be used it is a good washing soap for dishes in my home it is only used .

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    which ever washing powder you use use it properly according to instructions to get best results.too much or too little powder can harm your clothes .i think surf excel is good brand when used properly.

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    After the use of many washing powder, you can notice the skin will peel off from your hand. The best washing powder is one which does not burn your hands.

    To reduce such burning sensation use coconut oil on your palms before going to bed.

    The cost also should fall into your budget along with the quality where you can wash many clothes with little quantity of powder.

    Regular use of single brand will enlighten your choice.

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    I cannot take Amway as costlier one. Actually said, it is economical one. I am using it for last 8 months now. Problem is you will pay more once if buying Amway liquid. If buying powders lije surf, you pay less money but repeated times. When compared at end, the liquid price was relatively low.

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