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    What is the difference between ROM and RAM?

    What is the differece between Rom and Ram?
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    Hello Madhivahan,

    RAM and ROM both are related to the memory of a computer system.


    1.It is Random access memory
    2.It is a volatile memory.
    3.It help the computer to boost the speed.
    4.Range of RAM lies between 64 MB to 4 GB.
    5. IT is an integrated chip located in the motherboard.
    6.It is very costly in price and its shape is long rectangular chip.
    7.It store data temporary.


    1. It is called Read only memory.
    2.It is a non volatile memory chip.
    3.It store data permanently.
    4.They are also called Permanent storage memory.
    5.ROM is not used to boost the speed of computer.
    6.Data stored in ROM cannot be deleted.

    Volatile means it will delete all the data stored in it if the power of computer goes off and vice-versa.


    With Regards,

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    It is randem access memory which helps the computer to increase it's speed. Things temporarily gets stored in it, then it tranfer the whole data to hard disk. It is located at mother board and only found in computers. It works like a rewriteable cd.


    It is read only memory which helps the computer to store data permenantly. Things get stored in it cannot be deleted and it is used in all types of electronics. It works like a writeable cd which can only be read but can't be erased.



    Ranushree Caitali.

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    Dear friend,

    RAM : Random Access Memory

    1. Temporary data storage
    2. Used to load the data interms of memory pages.
    3. Once the system shut down, all data stored in memory will lost.
    4. Higher the memory capacity will increase the speed of the system.

    ROM : Read Only Memory

    1. Permenant data storage
    2. Data are stored before fixing it in computer
    3. During system startup, the data we can see in monitor, stored using ROM which is called BIOS - Basic Input Output System.
    4. It cannot be erasable.
    5. Some advanced ROM are PROM - Programmable Read Only memory, and EPROM - Erasable Program Read Only Memory.

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    Hellow friend

    Ram and Rom are two components of a computer. Both are basically memory device located on the mother board.

    Ram means random acess memory. It is a long reactangular shape plate fited on the mother board. Its size may vary upto 4 Gb. Actually the main function of Ram is, when we run a program in a computer the program first loads in the Ram and then gets executed by CPU. Now why we need Ram because we already have 200 GB hard disk. The answer is hard disks are very slower than cpu. So fited Ram between cpu and hard disk to optimise speed. Second ram is volatile,means the data in the Ram is for only time and when we turn off pc the Ram gets cleared. Also as i said active part of program lies in Ram, so let us take note pad. When you open notepad and write some thing the whole data gets to the Ram. Unless you dont save your text the data will lost when you turn off. So thats mean volatile. One thing what you see on desktop the whole data is in Ram.

    Rom means Read only memorary. This memory is for only readable by pc we cant edit or delete the data from Rom. The data in rom is permanent. So question arise whats need of that memory which we cant edit or add some thing. The answer is Rom is the momory where boot loader lies. Means all the necessary information of pc lies in Rom. Only cpu reads that memory and process those instructions such as booting. Thus only manufacures can write the Rom when they produce them.

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    • RAM stands for random access memory.
    • This memory hold data that are accessed from secondary storage and that is frequently used by microprocessor.
    • The purpose behind using RAM is to synchronise the processing speed of processor and access speed of secondary storage.
    • its limitation is that it is a volatile and small capacity storage.
    • Whatever stored in it gets deleted when electric power supply is off.


    • ROM stands for read only memory.
    • Its contents are static.
    • That is, it is non volatile storage.
    • BIOS(basic input output setting) and POST (power on self test)etc. are the contents of ROM.

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    The most commonly used and most expensive semi - conductor memory is called Random Access Memory (RAM). It is possible to read from and write into this memory. It is volatile because its contents are lost when power is switched off. This has resulted into other types of memories namely ROM, PROM, EPROM.
    Read Only Memory is used to store monitors, interpretors, inputs/output devices or special application programs. It is not possible to write into ROM unlike in RAM. Thus ROM is not user programmable. Programs in ROM are put there by manufacturer and sealed. Contents of ROM are not lost when power is shut off.

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