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    Which is best Broking Agency?

    Which is best Broking Agency?
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    As per me Reliance money is the best broking portal or DMAT account you can chose from the others. I am having an account with them from past three months and I am happy with the performance. They have various option , which help you to understand the market and trade in. Brokarage fees is affordable .

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    Relience Money, Sharekhan, Ventura Securities, are good stock broking firms. The brokerage fee of Ventura Securities is very less as compare to everyone. The low brokerage depends on how much money you have deposited with Ventura Securities. They have many plans high deposit means less brokerage. Everyone can gets knowledge when he work with these companies by own. Some says Sharekhan is good, Some says Ventura Securities, is good. You will only know actual position when you deal with these companies.

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    I think the best is NETWORTH, RK GLOBL, ICICI charges more brokerage, Angel broking the time i went for there account they said its on percentage basis, but then my reports were showing that brokerage is on per share basis .

    if the word 'broking' is taken seriously to find out the best broking firm.........then its RK GLOBAL and NETWORTH.....lowest possible brokerage in every dept.....i.e. cash , fno.....and even in commodities........with good enough services

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    1) Fidelity & HDFC are good companies to invest with. they are top rated and good in performance for past few years. they monitor the stocks well and invest our money on time to time in various companies where you can get an avg of 15% returns per annum.

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    I have been trading with Sharekhan/Geojit

    I feel sharekhan is much more flexible in terms of brokerage. There are so many packages which are there. However it will all depend on three things.
    1) How much money are you investing with them?
    2) What type of trader are you?
    3) How often do you trade?

    If you have answers for all these three questions, then you can sit and discuss the brokerage charges / package with Sharekhan.

    In India most of the stock traders are delivery based. So if you are new to this game, which I guess you are. Then, you must speak to them on brokerage charges for delivery based stock trading.

    Not only that, a brokering agency not only deal with stocks, but also with:
    - Call/Put Options and Contracts.
    - Commodity Trading
    - Forex Trading

    Check out what interests you more, and what you have knowledge on and so you could talk on those lines. Sharekhan, has worked for me, as I trade intraday more often and they also give me an exposure on my deposited amount upto ten time on specific scrips. So it basically depends on those three questions, I mentioned above. So first find answers for these questions.

    Recently Axis Bank has started its own Demat/Trading Platform, need to wait and see how they perform. Earlier Axis bank had partnered with Geojit for the trading platform.

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