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    Is astrology true?

    I feel very hard to believe astrology. Is that true?
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    yes it is true; if it is not true then how they are predicting the nature disaster and other eventuals happening in the earth. Astrology is not suddenly born with our technology. It is from ancient period. Whatever the scientists deriving today was already predicted and practically realised through astrology. Moreover our astrologers always predict without any technology and instruments. Happenings and things going to happen are predicted by good astrologers and in many cases it was proved true. So we have to believe it. The period of planets, happenings of success and failures in our life are predicted by astrology.

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    Astrology is basically a form of science in which the practitioner makes some complicated calculations regarding the motion and position of the various planets in the solar system and make predictions on the basis of this calculations.
    That astrology is an approved science is an accepted fact. But the concept of making predictions on the basis of calculations about a person's life and his forthcoming future is a matter of suspicion and is based on one's belief in such matters.

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    I don't feel that Astrology is true. First of all it is depend on the exact birth time, which is I feel very difficult to get. Secondly it is based on some complicated calculations based on the position and the movement of the planets. According to me, generally astrologers ask you different types of questions to catch your problem and accordingly will suggest you some stones to buy from him only. It is business.

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    Astrology is depends upon one's own beliefs.Through out the world only Hindu has the faith in Astrology ,according to me for some level astrology is true but it has no affect for some levels of every individual's life
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    The astrology is an ancient science and true absolutely. It based on the movement of the planets and stars and their position on a particular place and its effects by observation. These efects are observed for so many years and then established. Today the scientific calculations are proved these things true. The Mayas are the most ancient to make it most correct. They exactly calculated the things and predicted some natural disasters.
    In life also you can see these things true in any other way. Most of the times we called it a co-incidence. Todays astrology is purely not only based on the calculation but also the study of human psycology. By seeing your face, dressing, behaviour, attitude, approch etc somebody can say something truth about you. That is called spot prediction.
    It also helps someone to build up confidence. Suppose you have a tendency to drive fast and some astrologer predicts you that you will met with a fatal accident. Surely if you believe in this you will drive safe next onowards. You put a pearls in your hand suggested by the astrologer and when you see that everytime you will take caution. Indirectly it will help you.
    I was also earlier did not believe in all these things and tried to overcome all these predictions. But all of them became true in all respect and it devastated my life.
    So in my personal opinion astrology is true predicter of future.

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    An astrology is true as much as we are. But i do not have over confidence on it yes i can just believe and i think people shuld not worry about the astrology always they should worry about their own business. If a man is doing their best with dedication he will get his dreams true but the condition is that efforts should be applied in right direction.

    Just remember "God helps those who helps themselves." And this is more true then astrology. Yes astrology is a big and very complicated science. There are number of logics and factor which results astronaut to predict something for someone.


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    Yes at all
    In my experience of life some incident which might be unsolved but the help of astrology be solved, this wonderfully solve as miracle. so i believe in astrology.

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    Astrology is actually based on the science Astronomy. Astronomy is accepted as a science, which clearly interprets the positions of various stars and grahas in the universe. These interpretations are based on the movements of these natural objects in the space. Mathematical methods are used for the calculations. Hence it is included as a topic in the syllabus with specialization in Mathematics.

    But when it comes to Astrology, it is making predictions about individuals, establishments, constructions, etc. based on the the time of birth or starting. Calculations are made using astronomical methods to find out the positions of various stars and grahas at a given time and interpret its influences on the individual or other objects.

    There are no scientific basis for saying that a particular position of a star or graha is going to influence the individual or object. Thus the predictions which are based on these interpretations are also not scientific. Certain predictions may become true, certain may not.

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    Astrology is based on the effect of planets,on us.This effect is calculated with the change in positions,of the planets.Therefore,yes astrology is a science,wherein the predictions are made on the basis of calculations.
    People have made it commercial,hence most of the so called astrologers,start predicting,without complete knowledge & acumen of prediction.This has spoiled the imge of this great ancient science.

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    Hello friend,
    I myself believe that astrology is true. But I feel that nobody had explored it fully. Science and astrology goes together but science has a reason behind every proof while astrology has only proofs. Its a vast category and needs immense passion and determination for even understanding it.


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    Hi R Narayana Baabu,

    Thanks to the members giving their open opinions, specially ramprasad and kamlesh. But I don't think that anyone can give you a satisfactory answer on here. After all it all is about believe and views which differ from person to person. You can't know pain exist until something hurts you.

    So, if you truly interested to know the answer. You better to go for this quest yourself. I bet the answer you will get then will be much pure and self knowing.



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    It varies from person to person.When they hear their predictions,they are expecting the matters to happen suddenly and exactly what the astrologer predicted.But when they don't happen as they wish or it happens after a long time,they loss their hope in astrology.So it is true but patience too play a role to believe astrology.

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    Astrology is not 100% correct.It shows the matters that may occur in future.Hence if we are preapred for that matters we may safe from that bad incident or we may enjoy the good things also.

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    Astrology was once completely true. But when people started using astrology as a profession and to make money, the correctness in it has been reduced to a large extend. The Almighty must have done this on purpose.

    Ask yourself: Why should humans see future?
    We've got to live our lives facing each circumstance. We can face them, if possible, avoid difficulties, but that should be done with common sence and will power.

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