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    Whether Milk is good for health or not?

    Whether Milk is good for health or not?

    As some doctors recommend not to use milk or milk products.
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    Firstly I would like to appreciate you to raise such an important question.
    Well, I have surfed a lot on this topic and what I have found is that milk is not at all harmless unless its being injected.
    It is said to be harmful because for better milk production,recombinant bovine growth hormone(rBGH) was injected into the cattle. But this rBGH, increases the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) in milk, which is related to cancer. But, to cause harm, these proteins have to be injected, as they are destroyed during the digestion process of the cow. So, these are not harmful to the human beings. But they pose harm to the cattle.

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    Milk is the best food for everyone. We should drink at least two glass of milk per day. Milk contains all vitamins and minerals essential for our body. But milk does not contains vitamin C. One person can be alive for long life if he consumes only milk. Be sure the milk is pure. At the present we cannot get pure milk and there are duplicate milk and milk products available in the market and that can be cause for health problems.

    According to our shastras cow milk is called as a Amrit. We should consume milk and milk products.

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    I support Mr.Dinesh words. Nowadays, people are not interested and not able to maintain the cows. The prices are increasing for cow food, but the milk rate is same.

    Its now very terrific to get original milk without adding water. Now, company are releasing milk products including powder. I recommend to use, fresh milk instead of powder.

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    Thank you very much to all of you for giving reply.

    My special thanks go to Ruchi, who studied the question deeply & give answer.

    I think Milk is good for health.

    But milk is not recommended for certain patients like patient having stone problem in gall bladder/kidney etc. means Milk is good if you have good digestion system.

    If Digestion system is weak, then milk is not recommended.

    Certain therapies like Reiki does not recommend to take milk or milk products!!


    Sawinder Singh

    Sawinder Singh
    God is inside as well as outside us.

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    Nutritional sources like vitamins A, B & E, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Dietary protein and other minerals such as Phosphorous, Magnesium and Zinc contributes major health benefits as traditional belief.

    However, there may be some advantages and disadvantages of drinking too much of milk which are mentioned here:

    Health benefits of drinking milk:

    • Drinking milk in regular diets can keep skin healthy and shining.
    • Habits of drinking milk from childhood can improve immune system,
    • Adequate intake of milk can prevent risks of many diseases like Hypertension, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Colon cancer, Respiratory problems and dehydration.
    • Calcium contents in milk can prevent dental decay as well as proper growth of teeth for children.

    Heath disadvantages of drinking too much of milk:

    • High calories content in milk may increase fats in the body causing excessive weight gain and risk of heart diseases.
    • Gastric patient should avoid to drink hot milk to avoid aggravating gastric diseases.
    • Excessive drinking of milk may cause indigestion problem in some cases.

    However, considering some probable disadvantages in health fat free and skimmed milk will be helpful to enjoy many advantages of milk diets as mentioned above.

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    Dear Jayanta Datta Choudhury

    Thank you very much giving valuable details regarding Milk.

    You have properly answered to my query.

    I still want other members of ISC to give their views.

    Thanks again


    Sawinder Singh

    Sawinder Singh
    God is inside as well as outside us.

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    Milk is always good for health. Everyone can take milk from their childhood. Only TB patients and one who affected by cold will advice not to take milk. Lot of calcium is available in milk.

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    Milk is definitely good for health. But there are exceptions. To some people milk may not suit their digestive system, they may get diarrhea or stomach ache after consuming milk, so doctors might have advised them to avoid taking milk and dairy products.

    Milk has a natural source of calcium and potassium which are essential for our body and bones.

    During the course of the day, one should have a glass of hot milk which will neutralize the intake of food throughout the day.

    God gives every bird it's food but does not always drop it into the nest.

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    Thanks all for giving very useful information.

    I invite doctors to join this platform & give their views also.

    thanks again

    Sawinder Singh

    Note: I have put new question relating to health. I invite all the participate to give their valuable views.

    Sawinder Singh
    God is inside as well as outside us.

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    Milk is a food which can be used by almost everyone. It is a perfect food in itself and most useful for those people who are ailing. It is found most useful for those suffering from gastroptosis, or sagging down of the stomach.

    Milk is of use in cases of Nephroptosis or balling kidney, because it automatically supplies fat. Milk is idicated in most of Gasric and Duodenal Ulcer cases.

    Milk is highly charged with vitamins and organic mineral salts. Boiling or pasteurizing destroys the vitamins, therefore buy milk which is untreated, fresh, and clean.

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    First of all I would like to tell you that, please ask a question to yourself whether mather milk is good for health of a child or not. You will get an answer "yes".

    Milk pronvides the primary source of nutrition and helps to reduce the risk of any diseases to a human being. Raw milk contains significant amounts of saturated fat, protein and calcium as well as vitamin C. Cow's milk has a pH which is making it slightly acidic.

    Of course milk is good for health. But if you have any health problem then after consulting a doctor you should intake milk. Milk will never harm your health but if you already have any problem then it will work like petrol in fire.



    Ranushree Caitali.

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