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    What is TRAI?

    What is TRAI?
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    TRAI is 'The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India',it was established in 1997,established by the Government of India to regulate the telecommunications in India.


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    TRAI stands for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.
    The main function of TRAI is to oversee the proceedings the telecom sector and the telecommunication industry. It protects the rights and interests of the consumers and makes sure that there are no malpractices and there is fair balance maintained between the welfare of the consumer and the interest of the service providers.

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    TRAI is stands for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.It is the independent regulator established in 1997 by the Government of India to regulate the telecommunication business in India.

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    What is TRAI?

    Telecom Regulatory Authority of India abbreviated as TRAI is an independent regulator of telecommunications business in India which was established by Government of India in the year 1997.

    What is main objective of TRAI?

    The main objective of Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India is to create a transparent and fair policies in telecommunication services to encourage fair competition in this business to involve domestic and foreign players.

    What is the mission of TRAI?

    The vision and mission of the TRAI is to ensure the services and protecting interests of all telecommunication consumers. In emerging global information system Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India have the responsibilities to provide improved telecommunication, broadband, broadcasting and cable TV services to all consumers in Indian society.

    What is TRAI establishment act?

    Central Government of India appoints a Chairperson and maximum six other members in Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India.

    The Chair person must have worked as Supreme Court Judge or Chief Justice of a High Court.

    The TRAI members should have professional knowledge in telecommunication industry, finance, law, accountancy, management and consumer affairs.
    Any person with working experience for minimum 3 years as Secretary or additional Secretary or any equivalent post in the Central or State Governments in India are also eligible for posts of TRAI Chairperson and Members.

    TRAI authority can appoint officers and other employees as and when required for efficient functions of the authority.

    What are the main functions ?

    The following are the main functions of Telecommunication Authority of India:

    • Recommend the need and approve necessary licences to new service providers with specific terms and conditions.
    • Ensure technical compatibility and interconnections regulating arrangement of share of revenue between different service providers.
    • Monitor service quality rendered by service providers along periodical survey and inspection of the network equipment according to their recommendations.
    • Settlement of disputes, if any between service providers.

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