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    how to remove my pimples marks

    reply as soon as posible.
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    Dear Ms. Monika Jain,

    Pimple marks or Acne scars do fade over a period of time. But it depends on how old they are. If the marks are new then they fade quickly if you follow the below treatment. But if they are older and if it has been over many years then it make take longer time sometimes years to see results. This is because the marks are usually darkened by pigments when exposed to sun. If you have taken good sun care then it will easier to treat them with the following creams.Read more about Sun Care with Sunscreen and Diet here

    1) Firstly, always apply a sunscreen whether inside or outside. UV rays from the computer also cause pigmentation. So apply sunscreen regularly at all times.

    2) Apply a 4% Hydrquinone cream on the marks and darkened areas. Some Hydroquinone creams come with Sunscreen, but may be expensive. If you cannot afford buy them separately and apply both at the same time.

    3)If you are still getting acne and they are turning into black marks, you should apply Azelaic Acid cream which treats both Acne and the scars.

    4) You can also apply Tretenoin Cream which is Retino A at night times which treats both the pimples and scars. But never apply them in the mornings if you are going out in the sun.

    5) If you are very desperate and want the scars to fade sooner you can opt for more expensive treatments such as Glycolic Peels or other Chemical peels under a Dermatologist.

    Good Luck!
    Dr. Narendar.

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    You can use a few simple household measures & medicines. Read -



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    Pimples can occur on face from following reasons like
    a) because of excess fat accumulated on your skin(see that the food you take is digested and it doesnot accumulate behind the layer of skin in form of fat)
    b) because of excess heat of body(drink atleast 4 ltrs of water a day)
    c) due to harmone changes in some women at teen age(if its due to this it gets corrected by 6 months)
    d) and mainly from the dust secreted on the face(so wash your face regularly)

    by avoiding these things pimples do not occur

    if pimples are already there then do these to get rid of pimples

    1)avoiding more oil food contents
    2)washing your face as many times so that your face should not sweat
    3)make a paste out of amla powder,turmeric powder with milk layers and paste it on your face every night and wash your face in the early morning
    4)take a oil bath with castor oil once a week
    5)drink atleast 3 to 4 litres of water a day so that the excess fat in your body goes with excreta and urine and does not form any pimples on your face or body

    Take a oil bath from castor oil twice a week and get a panchabootha chikitsa from good ayurvedic healing centres like jindal,dharmasthala etc..


    Raghuram M V

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    hi there
    to remove pimple marks you can try some chemical bleech or if your skin is sensitive then you can go foe natural bleech but it reduces it slowly.

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    Hi Monika Jain,
    I face the same problem as you which is pimples and acnes and I have learnt the hard way to get rid of them. They are very bad and can leave a lot of black and bulging out spots on your face thus marring it. Pimples mostly happen in people who are overweight and people who don't wash their faces regularly. Well I did not use to follow these two things until recently when I realised I have had enough with Pimples.

    Follow these simple steps below to keep your face bright and beautiful. These are precautionary measures-
  • Always wash your face with a face wash after coming in from outdoors. This is the first step of prevention. Preferably use the face wash provided by Himalaya. It is very good and I have used it a lot.
  • Never go for scratching the pimples. Leaves a huge black spot which doesn't go away fast.
  • Try to keep body heat to a minimum by bathing at least three times during summers. Reduces a lot of pimples and gives you comfort from the heat.
  • Apply 'Chandan' on your pimples to minimise their effects.

  • If you want to remove all your pimples and dark spots, follow the treatment below-
  • Use a soap known as AcneAid available in most pharmacies. It is specifically for acne and pimples. Use it thrice a day and then wipe your face thoroughly.
  • Buy a cream with the composition Nadifloxacin 1%(Cream commercial name is Nadoxin cream from Wockhardt). Use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening after washing your face with the AcneAid soap.
  • Buy another cream with the composition Adapalene Gel 0.1%(Cream commercial name is Deriva from Glenmark). Use it ONLY in the night, not in the day just before you sleep. Apply the cream to the places where there are dark spots only after washing your face with AcneAid soap.
    NOTE:- Before applying this cream on your face, use it for the first two days on your hands to see if there is skin irritation. If there isn't any, then you can use it in your face and if there is, then you need to consult your dermatologist to provide an alternative.

  • I hope these will be enough. That is what I have done and now am very happy with the way this is progressing. It doesn't take much time for the dark spots to go.

    Ankush Das

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    Follow These Rules will reduce pimples on face
    1. Wash face atleast 6 times a day.
    2. do head bath weekly 3 times.
    3. dont eat fat content food.
    4. Apply Natural creams like alovera,keera.
    5. Apply face mask Multan Mutti.

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    I have tried this wonderful product called 'NADOXIN CREAM' and trust me It has helped me Many times & has saved my day by working like magic on several zits.
    – Its a dermatologist recommended product.
    – Easily available at any pharma store.
    – Its cost effective
    – Works wonder for people facing normal pimples and sudden zits on face.

    Know more here

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    For removal of Acne spots on your skin home remedies are really good. It does not have any side effect on your skin, so it does not provide damage to your skin.
    1. prepare some cinnamon powder and mix a little bit of lemon juice in it to prepare a paste. now apply on the spots regularly.
    2. Mix sandalwood powder and a little amount of rose water. now apply it on the acne marks daily for best results.
    3. Apply coconut water daily on the spots. It gives the best results.

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    A pimple is the most problem of adults.Pimples are show in face, neck, hands and shoulders. There are lot of lotions and cream medicines on the market but they can take several times, if you are using natural ayurvedic methods to treat pimples.

    Some Required things

    1. Curry leaves
    2. Curcuma aromatic (kasthuri turmeric)
    3. Lemon

    How to do it

    1. Take a handful of curry leaves and grind it well.
    2. Add a little bit of curcuma aromatic (Kasthuri turmeric) powder.
    3. Grind these ingredients well and if necessary little bit of water could be added.
    4. It also includes three drops of lemon cut a piece.
    5. This four ingredients well mixed and apply on top of pimples on face mask.
    6. It will cure the pimples marks and shiny of the face in brightness.

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    Pimple problem is the most common skin disease. There can be a many causes of pimple marks; it can be due to the increase in testosterone, dust, also due to pore blocking and some people got them hereditary. One should remove pimple by using easiest packs like aspirin face mask, tomato mask, banana face mask, cucumber face mask or yogurt face mask etc.

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    Acne formation is mainly due to impurity of blood and instead of external application of ointments and other remedies to cleanse the pores, one must make an attempt to purify the blood. The following tips would be helpful-
    1) Regular use of Neem - leaves up to four leaves should be chewed in the early morning in the empty stomach and its regular use will eliminate your pimples.
    2) Take care of your diet. Spicy food is to be avoided. Include salads such as Onion and Cucumber in each time of your meal. Onion and Cucumber both purify the blood.
    3) Apple Cider Vinegar also works effectively if two table spoon of the same is consumed before the principal meals.
    4) You may apply the Aloe Vera gel of Patanjali externally two to three times daily for at least twenty days in order to see a positive result.

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