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    How to write a program in HTML to create a Registration form?

    Dear friends can any one write a program in html to design a web page for registration for in any course in a college?
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    If you want to design the above said page, why don't you use an HTML editor. There are many HTML editor softwares available free of cost which can be easily downloaded. These automatically generate code according to your requirements.
    The CoffeeCup html editor is one such editor which is a drag-and-drop html editor and its trial version is easily available on the net.

    Manual coding is also easy in html and it does not generate errors. Please give me an idea of the fields you require.



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    First of all know the what is HTML and how to write HTML code.
    To Write a HTML code is simple.
    First you open a text editor like NOTEPAD,Word Pad, MS-word etc and write HTML code and save with ".html" or ".htm" extension.
    whatever field will be required in your course registration webpage you include inside the tag.

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