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    What is the age to marry a girl? What if she was married at 16 or 17?

    Leagally in india what is the age to marry a girl. what a girl have to do when she was married at her age of 16 or 17. if married so, it is easy to get divorce
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    Legally marriageable age of boys is 21 and for girls is 18.
    If someone marry a girl before 18 then marriage is illegal, null and void.
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    according to the Hindu marriage act 1955 the minimum age of marriage for a boy is 21 and girl is 18. The court of law will demand a certificate of proof for this.
    If in the concent of parents the girl is socially married after 16 years then the charge of rape with concent can not be framed. because the legal age for having sex with concent is 16 years for a girl.
    In case the girl is having problem with the marriage and place a complaint then the problem arises.
    Even after 18 years you can not marry a girl with out her concent.
    In case of destruction of age evidence the foreignsic test is carried out to determine the age.
    In my opinion the teen age is meant for build up the person, study, carer etc. not for marriage so early.

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    According to law, marriageable ages for boy and girl is 21 and 18 years respectively.

    If the Girl is married at the age of 16 or 17 and she is not happy with marriage, husband or in laws, then she can terminate this illegal relationship easily according to Indian law.

    But if she is not having any problems at husband house, then she can continue her relationship. It is the responsibility of parents of girl to convince her in laws for further studies and education. They should also do proper counselling of their son in law about responsibilities, care and needs towards their minor daughter.

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    Yes, the marriage will be null and void if the girl is not major(18years) as the law believes it as the age of consent that a girl is mentally enough mature by that age to take her decisions.

    And the section-375 of Indian Penal Code states that consummation(sexual intercourse) of a male with a female of less than 15 years even if they are married and willing amounts to rape (statutory rape). This age is 16 years for an unmarried girl.
    If she is married below 18 years against her will, she can approach court of law and get prosecute the culprits. If she wants to continue the marriage she can do it after she attains 18 years.

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    In India Government has passed a bill in parliament regarding the age of marriage for both girl and boy . The age of marriage for a girl is 18 years and for a boy is 21 years, no body should marry below these years it will be legally punishable offence if do so. At the age of 18 years only the girl is ready physically and mentally for marriage and all other things that happen after marriage , at the age of 16 or 17 the girl is not ready for all these so it is very danger for a girl's health at that age of marriage , so Government banned legally marriages at the age of below 18 years for girls . If she forcibly married at at the age of 16 or 17 she can consult police or take lawyer's help she will be not only get divorced but the accuses also legally punished .

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    According to Indian Law the coorect time for marriage of a girl is 18years. It is because by that time she is cable by mentaly and physically. It is so because when she is 18 then she can understand the pus and downs of a life and she will be mentally ready for a new relation.

    Marriage is that part of life for a girl when she has to leave her older relations and to adjust in anew relation where she has to face many things. If she is not mentally prepared for the new relation then no one should force her for marriage. It is that that when she has to accept a new relation where she has to work according to her new family, if she is failure to maintain those new relations then she will be hurted by many ways also her family members will be inderctly hurted.

    Marriage is that part of life where a girl starts her own family. Here she has to give pleasure to her husband and for that she has to physically prepared. If this doesn't take place might be her husband avoid her.

    So, When she is both mentally and physically prepared for a new relation that time will be the correct time for marriage. Government has declared 18years but I think 23-25 years is the best time as she will be ready for accepting new relations.

    If any girl is forced to marry at the age of 15-17years then she can complain to the police or SEWA, where she will be saved from the torture. It will result jail to her family.

    If she has already got married then she can go for case at police sttion but should have genuine and strong proof.

    Government declared 18 years for marriage so according to government it will be a child marriage which cannot be placed for divorce till the vgirl becomes 18years. But she can go for case but with a person who is above 18 years or 21 years.



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