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    What are functions of NGOS in India and how to join them?

    What are functions of NGOS in India? How can I join in any NGOS in India?
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    NGOs are the Non Governmental Organisations that are primarily involved in performing a variety of activities for the benefit of the people and welfare of the society. They work towards various issues that concern the society and the people. These NGOs do not have any commercial interest but are maintained by fund-raising. However, the main aim of NGOs in India is to serve the poor people and the people who are suffering from natural calamities.
    The members of the NGOs identify the problems in the society and their resources try to solve these problems without any self interest. However, these organisations have to comply with the rules and regulations formed by the government of India. The services offered by the members are voluntary.
    The NGOs in India:
    1. provide free education to the poor or economically backward children
    2. conduct free classes in small groups to the poor children
    3.provide medical facilities to the rural poor.
    4. work for the welfare and upliftment of the women
    5. reduce pollution of the environment
    6. providing shelter to the orphans, old aged, destitute and even animals

    Many NGOs in India offer jobs to the people at various levels. Offering voluntary service in an NGO gives satisfaction and a chance to work for the society or for a social cause.

    Browse through the net for various NGOs in India esp. in your area. Then either apply for a job in the NGO or offer service as a volunteer basing upon your interest area.


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