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    What is the internal circuit of pen drive?

    what is the internal circuit of pen drive ?
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    The internal circuit of pendrive is the whole hardware electronic parts together connected in a printed circuit board PCB. The pen drive consists of memory controller , memory chip and other components like resistor, capacitors, transistors connected together in a printed circuit board. If you have a non working pen drive just open the cover you will see the PCB where all the electronic components are soldered on the PCB.
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    Hi Anand,

    A pen drive is a memory device.

    A Flip-Flop (an electronic device) is treated as a memory element, which is capable of holding 1-bit (bit - Binary digit i.e., 1 & 0).

    Group of 8-Flop-flops store 8-bit memory. 8-bit (1-Byte) memory can represent 256 data values.

    A small flash memory chip contains millions of flip-flops.

    A 1GB contains 1,00,00,00,000 Bytes in turn 8,00,00,00,000-Bits, it means 8000 Millions of Flip-flops embedded on a single chip.

    You can apply this to 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 32GB and so on.

    "In a single sentence, a pen drive internal circuit contains group of interconnected flip-flops".

    "We Guide, You Decide"

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