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    What are the differences between Jainism and Hinduism?

    As We See that in Census the most jains write "Hindu Jain" in Religion column.Why? Is there any Difference Between Hindu & Jain...

    But the jain saints say that "Only Write Jain" Instead of "Hindu Jain".
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    Jainism had taken birth against Brahmanic supremacy. It had taken initiatives to free the people from expenditures of Yagnas. It preached non-violence which let third sections of people in ancient India evolve. People were attracted to Jina principles.

    Difference between Jainism and Hinduism:
    1. Jainism questioned the Vedas and existence of God.
    2. Jainism stressed on Non-violence (That is why Jain colleges do not have Bi.P.C. group), whereas Hinduism was based on sacrifices.
    3. The salvation depiction is also different. According to Jainism, after death, one lives in blissful abode, whereas in Hinduism, each soul will be absorbed into God.

    Similarities between Jainism and Hinduism:

    1. The theory of karma is same regarding these two religions.
    2. Transmigration of souls is also considered same.
    3. Jainism asceticism is indebted to Hinduism asceticism.

    Why was Jainism considered as Hinduism?

    Due to similarities, Jainism could not maintain its distance. The religion which was raised against Brahmanic supremacy had relaxed after being shown leniency. As Jains were from Hindus, simply began to be considered as Hindus. Now Buddhism and Jainism are regarded as Hinduism.

    "Look at ants and learn"

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    Jainism believes on Lord Mahavir.

    Hindus believes on Lord Ram.

    Both are having theri own self defined rules and regulations.

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    Jainism believes on lord mahavira with other 23 tithankaras in which 24th is lord mahavira . so there are only 24 lord believed by jains .

    In hinduism thgey believe lord ram and there a 1000s of dev and devis .

    Jain doesn't kill animals as it is considered a sin .
    Hindus respect cows and other animals .

    There are many and many more difference .


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